Art Show Archive

Paul O'Brien - Insight through Abstraction

December 2018

Bio / Artist statement - I'm a 26 year old man. I work in IT. I went to Edgewood High School. I Grew up as free range kid on a farm (dad's) and all over the Willy Street neighborhood, mostly on Few street (mom's) across the Weary Traveler. I'm self taught and like using simple shapes to communicate complex meaning. I generally don't know what i'm... [more]

Nassybah Touriño - Near and far

November 2018

BIO: My name is Nassybah. I'm a self-taught artist who enjoys bringing the beauty of nature to paper. I'm originally from Spain and started painting as a way to pass the time after moving to Madison, WI a few years ago. I try to honor mother nature with my paintings recreating her shapes and patterns. My favorite subjects are dry leaves and bugs... [more]

Bradley Flora - paintings by b.flora

October 2018

Bio: Bradley Flora is a photographer by trade who began his study of acrylic painting as a method to expand his visual vocabulary. Born and raised in Colorado, he moved to the midwest to serve as a caregiver for his terminally ill uncle. He is an advocate for conflict resolution through open communication and clean water. He lets his studio... [more]

Chelsea O'Neil Karcher - Resonance

September 2018

Artist Statement: As an artist and art therapist, I use my creativity as a tool for communication and self-care. I believe in the healing power of art and am committed to bringing more beauty and joy into the world through human connection as well as color, form, and imagination. ​ The forms that emerge ​on the mirror natural elements like water... [more]

608 Arts Collective - 608 Arts

August 2018

Based in the Jackie Macaulay Gallery in the Social Justice Center, 608 Arts is a collective of paint, media, word, film, and performance artists creating around themes of justice and access. In addition to regular exhibits and events in our home gallery in The Social Justice Center, we host events with partners around Dane County. The Social... [more]

Jesse Plammatter - Natural Forms

July 2018

I fell in love with Madison when I moved here for grad school almost 10 years ago. Thankfully, I have managed to stick around and make this great city my home. I currently work in the Neuroscience Department at the UW where my research is focused on epilepsy research. Some people think that art and science belong to different disciplines, but for... [more]

Roger Powers, Jr. - Inks by Powers

June 2018

Powers at 70, is a contemporary artist who explores his world in black, gray, and white, but plays with a whisper of color. His visual arts journey has no end; his observation of the world around him is fluid and constantly changes keeping his imagination sharp and energized. His inks influence different tones of gray into the darkness,... [more]

Artemis Sidikman - Modulation And Introspection

May 2018

I create art to understand and approach the realities of my life. My work is introspective and focuses on facets of myself such as gender identity, sexuality, and battles with mental illness. My hope is that by working through my own struggles, I can give a voice to an audience who understands and shares my experiences. I want to provoke... [more]

C.T.H. Hulbott - Works of C.T.H. Hulbott

April 2018

Artist statement: In this collection of illustrations from 2017 I hope to convey the fallowing topics: My fascination with the events of the mid 19th century, My fondness of the city where I was born, My love for my family, And kitty cats. It has always my goal to show a good level of depth though line weight and crosshatching. With the Union... [more]


March 2018

Artist's Statement Acrylic Paintings, Collage and Works on Paper My process begins by freely drawing circles, arcs and parallel lines on a canvas. Eventually they merge into a composition of positive and negative shapes. I add colors, sometimes starting with blue. But these blues range from pale blue violet to turquoise and ultramarine. When I... [more]

Corey Alexander - Comrades | Friends | Lovers

February 2018

These portraits are of people about whom I care a great deal. They are painted from photos stolen from facebook profiles and with no one’s permission. Corey Alexander is a self-taught graphic designer and fine/crude artist based in Madison, WI.

Derek Hibbs - Skeptic Notions

January 2018

Artist Statement: My work focuses on bringing attention to the state of survival in today’s society, illustrating various social, political, and personal issues we all face. These societal observations allow the viewer to contemplate purpose, happiness, and daily existence through insightful imagery. These prints are driven by narrative, self-... [more]