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Melanie Sartori Schmidt - What Color is Meta

April 2019

Artist Statement/Bio Born to parents who painted houses, I always loved paint and had a desire to fill all of the white walls with colors. I grew up in the middle of nowhere and this gave me a deep sense of appreciation and wonder for nature and its beauty. As a kid, to my parents' dismay, instead of starting a new canvas every time I wanted to... [more]

Jon Arnold - Objective Objects & Subjective Subjects

March 2019

Large 'giclee' monoprints on durable vinyl, highly resistant to changes in climate, artistic and otherwise. Function and meaning...ambiguous.

Rick Blasing - Supraorbital

February 2019

I am a 30-something someone who by day is a cog in the cold and calculating machine of the banking industry. By night......well, some nights, late nights, I occasionally paint. I grew up in Watertown but have lived in Madison most of my adult life. I also lived in Portland, Oregon for a couple years and in Dubuque, IA for one year. For nearly a... [more]

Emily Schmidhamer - January 2019

January 2019

My name is Emily Schmidhamer and I'm 21 years of age. I'm originally from Portland Oregon but I've lived in and traveled around all different parts of the west coast from Washington to California. I've been making and creating all kinds of art my entire life. Art has always been something I was really drawn to and still to this... [more]

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