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Bethany Loraine Benisch - Growing Pains

July 2020

Bio: Bethany Loraine Benisch is a local artist from Madison, WI. She won Best of Class in the 21st Annual Capital Art Show Conference and was chosen Best Artist in her Graduating Class. She won 3rd place in the Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival outside Tangent in Madison, WI in 2019. Over the years, Bethany has designed 6 wine labels for the GlennHenge... [more]

Aram Melis - Dog’s Life

April 2020

Show Description/Artist Statement: The pieces in this collection grew out of studying different printmaking methods, mainly lithography. I used images from visits to my parent’s home in Port Wing, WI, a small town on the south shore of Lake Superior. My parent’s late dog, Tasha, became a reoccurring figure in my work. Her increasing frailty... [more]

Katie Flores - Creature Feature

March 2020

Artist bio: I am a 25-year-old Art Therapy major at Edgewood College. Art Therapy combines the significance of the creative process while also easing negative emotions through creative problem solving. I've has been doodling monsters for years and this is my first set of larger paintings that mimic those designs. This bright and colorful... [more]

Cameron Brockman - Misguided Souls

February 2020

This eclectic collection of work is meant to represent a series of souls stumbling to find a place in this world. The rigors of life can take any form; that of beauty, of fear, of simplicity, of darkness… It is not until we dive deeper than the surface that we can find ones truth, reality, and purpose. The Misguided Soul showing is meant to... [more]

Fred Seger - Fine Pen and Ink Drawings

January 2020

Houses, churches, Historical Sites, Store Fronts, Posters, and Illustrations.

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