Now Hiring!
We are looking for someone to fill a barista+ position to start in June. Includes many aspects of running the cafe from making drinks to cleaning, stocking, ordering and etc. Must be available to work weekends.

Please send resumes and a cover letter to if interested.
Upcoming events...

Make Music Madison 2024!

Friday, June 21


The show will be outside Mother Fool's by our graffiti wall, unless the weather is bad, in which case we'll be inside.
Bear In the Forest -- 12:30 - 1:45
The songs of Bear In The Forest (BITF) howl with spiritualism. It is built around folk music in the oldest, barest sense: joy and pain and a guitar coming together to produce sounds that resonate with ancestral memory. The BITF project is a slow burn. Bear, a.k.a.... [ more ]

Poetry Open Mic

Friday, June 28

7:30 pm

Come share your poetry with us and hear other poets' poems.
7:15 Sign up to read for 5 minutes
7:30 Performance
Host: Paul Baker, <a href="">WORT-FM "Listen Adventurouslyā€¯</a> [ more ]