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Gallery Night Reception for Art Paul Schlosser

Friday, November 4

Come check out the show and meet our featured artist for November, Art Paul Schlosser.
5 - 9 pm
Free and open to the public.

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Art Paul Schlosser

"The Incredible Unique World of Art by Art Paul Schlosser Including The Alphabet"

November 2022

Artist statement : Hi, I'm Art Paul Schlosser and I do both art of things I see based on my ability to paint them in a fun way and make up stuff that I don't see with my unique imagination. The Alphabet Paintings were done as a challenge to myself to see if I could do the complete alphabet. The other paintings are for you to see other stuff I do. I bet you will not be bored.

Bio: I have been doing artwork since I was a kid started by drawing cartoons from the funny pages inspired by my sister and continuing to doodle in class until when I got older needing a cover of a Cassette tape I drew one....

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