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Aram Melis

"Dog’s Life"

January 2022

Show Description/Artist Statement:
The pieces in this collection grew out of exploring different non-toxic printmaking techniques with Professor Alan Luft at Edgewood College. I used images from visits to my parent’s home in Port Wing, WI, a small town on the south shore of Lake Superior. My parent’s late dog, Tasha, became a reoccurring figure in my work. Her increasing frailty informed the themes of this series: time, aging, place, and being present.

This show was originally scheduled to be displayed in April 2020. Thank you to Mother Fools for extending the invitation to...

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Melanie Sartori

"Multifaceted: A Floral State of Mind"

February 2022

Artist Bio: Melanie Sartori is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Madison, WI. She is primarily a painter working in pop surrealist styles. She has been painting since she was a child. Being born blind in one eye gave her a fascination with the visual world, as she lacks normal depth perception. She enjoys experimenting with painting and is always seeking out novelty in her work, as her process is largely spontaneous. She is inspired by history, philosophy, science and the natural world. Her work has been displayed at art shows in cafes in Madison since her first show in 2019 at...

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