Permission Wall - Graffiti Mural Project

Mother Fool's is pleased to have been granted permission by the city to have a rotating graffiti wall. Local artist Don Wettach and our alder, Judy Olson, were instrumental in getting the project up and running. Thanks also to all of our neighbors and customers who took time to write to the Plan Commission in support of the project.

The first piece went up September 22, 2001 and was done by Don Wettach. We had him go ahead with it before our meeting with the Plan Commission in order to give them and our neighbors a chance to see exactly what we were planning. This is meant to be rotating or temporary art so the thought was that if it was not approved, we would simply paint over it.

Our meeting with the city Plan Commission took place on October 5, 2001. The vote was unanimous!


If you are interested in painting our wall (aerosol only, please), contact one of the coordinators: Billy: (608) 217-6874 or Rob: (608) 212-9103.