Works of C.T.H. Hulbott 2017-2022

C.T.H. Hulbott - May 2022

May 1 - 31, 2022
Reception: Fri, May 6, 5:00 pm

After a two year break, I am excited to put ink on paper once more. Creating new illustrations inspired by Midwest life, and conflicts of the mid 19th century.

With a cat here or there.

From my earliest days as an artist I have found that storytelling to be just as important to my art as the visual. Stories that can be told with characters and/or their environments. At the same time I like to be a little vague so as to alow the viewer to create a story of their own within each piece.

Being a long time Mother Fool's employee, I can't see a more fitting location to present my work.


C.T.H. Hulbott