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Vegan Almond Croissants

Yummy almond croissants made with Pillsbury's vegan-by-happenstance frozen puff pastry dough. Easy and kinda quick, especially if your food processor works better than mine

Sruffalo Cauliflower Sandwich

Crispy breaded sriracha cauliflower sandwich with ranch dressing - all vegan. Yum!


Authentic Lebanese hummus. A recipe handed down to me from my grandmother who learned to cook in Lebanon as part of the Armenian diaspora.
#GlutenFree #Vegan
This healthy recipe is not only incredibly delicious but also low-fat, gluten-free AND vegan! What!? I had no idea vegan gravy could be so good. This is perfect over mashed potatoes, lentil-veggie loaf, mashed cauliflower, etc..
Levantine Arab spice blend. A quick and flavorful take on the classic Middle Eastern shawarma spice blend. Smoky, spicy, and incredibly versatile! Perfect for seasoning crispy chickpeas, falafel, curries, scrambles, salads, vegetables, and more!
Amazing, melt-in-your-mouth, keeper-recipe! Gluten free. Vegan.
Lentils and rice cooked together and blended together with golden brown fried onions. Best served with a cold cucumber salad or mint-yogurt sauce.