New Products

Fine Ground Cornmeal

Golden Produce
1 Pound

Kombucha - Magic Matcha

64oz Growler

Almond Flour

1 Pound

Chemex Filter 8 Cup

100 filter pack

Chemex Brewer 8 Cup

1 Brewer

French Press - 34 Ounce

Utopia Kitchen
34 Ounces
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- Brews 8 coffee cups or about 4 coffee mugs which is equal to 32 oz; includes plastic measuring spoon
- Durable heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe beaker sits in stylish insulated plastic frame which makes pouring coffee easier and prevent wobbling
- Easier to use than a drip coffeemaker; brews within minutes and no soggy filters to deal with
- Dishwasher safe; can be used for making tea as well

Italian Soda - Pick up only

16 Ounces
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Sparkling water with a shot of Monin flavor syrup over ice. A delicious summer-time treat, any time of year!

- Blackberry
- Caramel (Organic)
- Hazelnut (Organic)
- Mint
- Kiwi
- Lavendar
- Orange
- Peach
- Pistachio
- Pumpkin Spice
- Raspberry
- Vanillia

Organic Cold Brew - Decaf - Pick up only

16 Ounces

Tofu Walnut Burger

Nature's Bakery
4, 3 Ounce Patties
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A very popular burger! -- Savory, onion-filled, packed with tasty soy goodness and peppered with garlic, mushrooms, celery, and parsley. Awesome grilled, baked or pan-fried; we highly suggest you put one in your mouth. The organic tofu in these burgers is sourced from our good friend the Simple Soyman of Milwaukee.

Cafe Aul Lait - Oat or Soy - Pick Up Only

16 Ounces
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We steep tea in either soy or oat milk to create a creamy, delicious chai. Available with or without caffeine.

Oyster Mushroom

8 Ounces
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MicroMyco is an urban mushroom farm with a focus on sustainability. I incorporate all sorts of local "waste" intro my production model, specifically trying to keep a small radius of under 10 miles in all my sourcing. The result is a "hyperlocal" product, where the materials. labor and facility are all located extremely close to where the product is going to end up. Any materials that do not satisfy the "hyperlocal" model of no further than 10 miles away are also vetted by me to make sure that each step in my process eliminates waste at some point.

My shop is located in Madison, on the Isthmus, ensuring that I never have to go too far to sell my mushrooms, or even to find new sources of waste!

Mushrooms are an excellent protein alternative to meat, their culinary value is still being explored today, especially in western countries. By operating a mushroom farm, I can both recycle traditional waste materials, replace traditional protein sources, and create a delicious product.

My primary crop right now is the oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus. A wily and robust mushroom, it can grow on many different materials. My "recipe" includes coffee grounds from half a dozen coffee shops near my operation, sawdust reclaimed from a hardwood sawmill, soybean hulls from local soybean farms and straw from local farms. In nature, this mushroom grows in Wisconsin on dead trees as a primary decomposer. It is a slightly delicate mushroom with a good flavor which some people describe as "seafoody, with hints of anise". You can use oyster mushrooms as a substitute for any recipe that calls for mushrooms. Expect much better texture and taste than a traditional white button mushroom!

Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista

1 Pound Bag
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Robson Vilela purchased Fazenda Alta Vista in 2001 and in the following years planted coffee until his first harvest in 2007. He immediately gained recognition for the cup quality of his lots, and since then has continuously improved cultivation and post-harvest techniques.

The farm, nestled in the Serra da Mantiqueira range in far southern Minas Gerais state, now boasts more than 270 acres of coffee as well as banana and macadamia trees that provide shade and wind protection. We’ve purchased Fazenda Alta Vista in the past and are thrilled to feature it again as a Seasonal Special.

This year’s edition is 100% yellow bourbon and features roasted nut, graham cracker, and lemon notes as well as a creamy body. Enjoy!