Art in the cafe...

Art Paul Schlosser

"The Incredible Unique World of Art by Art Paul Schlosser Including The Alphabet"

November 2022

Artist statement : Hi, I'm Art Paul Schlosser and I do both art of things I see based on my ability to paint them in a fun way and make up stuff that I don't see with my unique imagination. The Alphabet Paintings were done as a challenge to myself to see if I could do the complete alphabet. The other...

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Diane Yao

"Sharing Art Enriches Our Life"

December 2022

Artist Statement: I go by Diane Yao, and I am a Madison based artist. The subjects of my art often include the things I experience in life. I photograph nature, buildings, or still life and produce works interpreted from those photos. My most commonly used art medium is watercolor. I like the transparent and...

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Fish-Free Menu

Ever wonder why Mother Fool's doesn't serve fish?

Besides the fact that we are a coffeehouse, we also are concerned about the damage being done to the ocean's ecosystem by commercial fishing. Factory fish farms present a host of environmental problems, as well. In many parts of the world, industrial fishing has serious human rights issues, including the use of slavery. And, of course, the fish themselves are living creatures with families, friends and aspirations. What right do we have to kill them for dinner?

New studies indicate that all of the fish that are currently fished for food in the ocean will be severely depleted in the next 40 years.

Learn about the issues and then join us in leaving fish off the menu.

** Listen to a song about shrimp farming, feat. Vandana Shiva **