Stelth Ulvang w/ Stephanie Rearick

Thursday, April 12, 2018
8:00 pm

Stelth Ulvang never slows down. Even on stage as the multi-instrumentalist of The Lumineers, he dashes from piano to guitar, from drums to accordion. His solo music has been described as "raw and whimsical chamber folk" though at times enveloping just a simple folk song, bursting at the seams. His recordings stretch his melodies and lyrics, at it’s grandest, with a 20 piece chamber orchestra. Live,

Stelth is mostly accompanied by his partner in crime, Dorota Szuta. Together they waltz around instruments, handing guitars or a bass back and forth, and building harmonies on tops of the trails of each others melodies. Dorota adds a lightness to his ferocity, and other times her violin tears rapidly through their raucous tunes. Inhabiting all edges of the stage, Stelth Ulvang puts on a hell of a performance of infectious storytelling bookended by shouts and murmurs of his many thoughts and explorations with nature, space, and people.

His new record, American Boredom, will be released Spring of 2018.

Stephanie Rearick - expect layered vocals and keyboards and lush soundscapes from this Madison multi-instrumentalist.

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