Orchestrating Colors

Paulina Ivanova - December 2023

December 1 - 31, 2023

From the Artist

On the subject of understanding abstract art: When we paint realistically landscapes and other nature based subjects we easily recognize and "understand" that art. However when people view abstracts they struggle to understand it. One look around nature on a smaller or larger scale and you can easily find these abstract organic patterns.

Painting abstracts is also like painting realistically from nature, just like landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and so on. It’s just the subject is form, color, shape, composition, contrast, and so on and many of these abstract patterns can be found in the organic natural world.

On contrasting colors: The contrasting forces are in a battle for dominance. Light vs darkness. But in the process this war creates unity and harmony, because you need darkness to have light and you need light to have darkness. They need each other to be seen.

On the theme "Orchestrating Colors": In music we "paint" with notes. In visual art we "orchestrate" with colors. I often use this phrase "Orchestrating colors" to describe my art. Both music and visual art have the same process of coming together by using waves of creative energies, originating in our mind.

Just like a director orchestrates a symphony, in the same way I try to use my brush as a baton to “orchestrate” the colors, shapes and textures into a harmoniously "sounding" work of visual art.

Biography and Art Process

Paulina Ivanova is originally from Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. She emigrated to USA a few years after the fall of the Berlin Wall at the end of the totalitarian regime in Eastern Europe in the early 90s. She is a graduate of the First Private Art Academy "Jules Pascin" in Sofia, Bulgaria, the class of Professors Nikolai Maistorov and Dolores Dilova and holds a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. She has been sketching, drawing and painting for over 40 years. She paints in the impressive, expressive and abstract styles, depending on the inspirational subject, and on her emotional state. She describes her creative process as "tuning into" the unknown and mystical in the Universe and through her art relating that energy to the audience. Some of her favorite inspirational subjects are organic forms and energies from nature, subatomic particle tracks from the quantum level, portraits and landscapes, and the natural world as a whole. Currently she spends her time working on her art in her Madison studio and traveling around the world.

Contact information:

Email: goredolu@yahoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pauli.ivanova

Instagram: @artbypaulinaivanova