PranaMaker: (w)Rapped by Natalia Marie

PranaMaker - April 2023

April 1 - 30, 2023
Reception: Sat, April 29, 7:00 pm

Natalia Marie, the artist PranaMaker, was raised by a convicted killer and two pedophiles. She spent most of 4th and all of 5th grade as farm laborer, shoveling the manure of 200 cows into a lagoon everyday.

From these sadistic beginnings, she went on to align herself with social justice movements, creating beauty to replace the fear and pain of her past. As a large-scale textile artist and fashion designer with a Master’s in Transformative Leadership, PranaMaker handpaints massive 500 square foot textiles that she uses in public art and activism, including wrapping schools, parks and spaces where people have been killed by the police. Then she chops up these pieces to create her one-of-a-kind fashion line that fits all body sizes and is built completely from wraps tied with knots spontaneously on the wearers, in contexts such as protests, concerts and NY Fashion Week.

PranaMaker has already painted and worked with over a half mile of fabric and plans to break the world for the World’s Largest Tie Dye (1 mile to break the record, but her goal is 3.5mi) to create a vibrant platform to address social justice issues and show her identical twin daughters a more beautiful world.

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