Where You're Planted

Alyssa Reynolds - July 2019

July 1 - 31, 2019
Reception: Sun, July 7, 5:00 pm


Alyssa Reynolds is a Madison based musician and artist who is excited to share her works with the community. Reynolds focuses primarily on abstract art and draws on themes from nature, femininity, and queerness. Her artwork is most recognizable through her use of textures and metallic highlights.

Reynolds most recently she was featured at Bos Meadery as a part of their November-December 2018 showcase. She continuously works on self-motivated projects and is striving to work closely with local businesses to help promote her abilities and further the cause to make art more accessible.

Description of work:

Alyssa Reynolds is proud to present “Where You’re Planted”

Reynolds has been a Madison based musician for the past three years and is now branching out to share her art with the community she’s grown into. As an abstract artist, Reynolds uses a combination of textures and metallic features to bring forth primarily nature based themes but also themes of femininity, queerness, and just straight forward fun. The artist hopes viewers can find a branch to hang onto in this diverse set and enjoys “Where You’re Planted”.

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