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This month's art show is
"Syria from the Heart: Photos from 2005"
by Julie S. Majerus
"The last time I was in Syria - visiting as a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, and a tourist - was in March, 2005. While..."
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Next month's art show will be
"It Is Not, It Has Never Been, Nor It Will Ever Be Conceptual"
by Skinny Gaviar
"Hello. I'm an artist, I'm not proud of it. There's way too many of us. This is not good. I can't draw well and I don't..."
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Soup's On! Mother Fool's serves Green Owl Cafe soups. Always vegan and always delicious. You may choose either a mug or a bowl, here or to go.
Follow us at twitter for "soup of the day" info.

  • Colectivo Organic / FT Coffees
  • Green Owl Soups
  • NessAlla Kombucha
  • East Side Ovens Vegan Bakery
  • Batch Bakehouse Fougasse
  • Tummy Yummies Gluten-free Vegan Cookies
  • Divine Chocolates
  • & etc...

Upcoming Events in the cafe

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Fri, Jul 7
8:00 PM
The Madtown Poetry Open MicJohn Burroughs is a Cleveland-based author and publisher, known for his dynamic performances, whose most recent poetry chapbooks include Water Works [2017,...more
Sat, Jul 8
8:00 PM
The Resonant Rogues - $7American folk music has always had a populist perspective, a vision of music made by the people, for the people. Asheville, North...more
Fri, Jul 21
8:00 PM
Approaching Happiness with Krish Mohan - $7
>>Download Poster
Approaching Happiness with Krish Mohan at Mother Fool's
Featuring Jason Hillman & Stevie Leigh Crutcher!

Approaching Happiness: What makes us happy? Comedian Krish Mohan...more
Sat, Aug 5
8:00 PM
The Fremonts w/ Kendra Swanson - $7Born in New York City and raised in Boulder, Colorado, The Fremonts weave Midwestern ghost stories into restless Americana music. Stephanie Dodd...more

Metro Monitor Widget
Madison Metro Bus Stop Tracker WidgetUse our Metro Monitor linkmaker to customize your own real-time bus stop watcher. You can set it to track two stops with arrival estimates based on GPS. The same as our monitor in the cafe - except you can customize it for any stops you want.

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