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Hi, here's the deal for booking music or art at Mother Fool's.

Art - Stephanie books the art. Contact her using our Contact Page (be sure to choose "Art Booking" as the subject). Include a link to your work if possible. All of our art shows run for one calendar month.

Music - Please call or e-mail before sending a demo. I, Jon Hain, do all the music booking and take music related calls at our office line: 608 259 1030. Do not call the cafe. You may e-mail me from our contact page.

In general, I try to book a wide variety of styles. I am most interested in artists that are doing something a bit more off the beaten path. We get a lot of submissions for singer / songwriter stuff and are therefore very picky. We do 2 shows per week. Fridays and Saturdays only. Unless you are Dolly Parton don't call about weekdays. I don't book cover bands although we do present some old-timey stuff and yes, that's all covers... Also, due to the smallness of our venue, I can't do any really loud music. In addition to what you'd expect at a coffeehouse, we also do experimental music of various types, arty stuff, some rock... Get in touch and I'll let you know if it is a possibility.


  • Online listening is easiest. Please email me links to listen to full songs. Do not mail cassette/s, VHS or dvds.
  • Please include your contact info on every piece of information you send.
  • If you are booking a tour and looking for specific dates, please bring this to my attention.
  • Please follow up in a timely manner (1 - 3 weeks). This helps me keep track of everything.
  • We ONLY do music on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • We pay musicians 100% of the door. A typical cover charge is $6 to $10.
  • We have a small Rouge PA. It is small but works great for vocals. Musicians are also welcome to bring their own PA.
  • Mother Fool's is a smoke-free, all-ages venue.

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