1101 Williamson St.  Madison, WI
"Coffee makes me nice"
Our 10th Birthday party was great fun!

We had the Mad Rollin Dolls there skating around with samples of Izze Natural Soda and Roman Candle Pizza. A facepainter made all the kids (and some of the adults) colorful. Guests ranged from serious Madison Area Community Land Trust to fun (Roman Candle, Mad Rollin Dolls) to lots of cultural stuff (Aaron Nathans, Nicole Gruter, Ali Dwyer, Wendy Bugatti..)

We gave away hand stenciled Mother Fool's tee-shirts to everyone who did a Mother Fool's jingle. At lease a dozen people did jingles and they were all so sweet. Especially the kids!

Stephanie played theme music to introduce the guests and she did a few songs here and there to keep things flowing while people ate pizza or drank Izze Soda during the breaks.

Big thanks to all the guests and jinglers. Also, thanks to Stitch, Lizzie Bordon, Princess Di, Ilsa Von Blutson and Predator for helping to deliver the goods.

photos by Kayla Mourning
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