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Show Dates: 2016-12-01 - 2016-12-31
Title: Glowing Green
Artist: Lisa Nelson
Artist Statement:
I grew up in beautiful, small town in the hills of West-Central Wisconsin loving drawing, photography, animals, and the beauty of nature at a young age. Walking around in the woods was always something to look forward to, whether it be enjoying the scenery and stillness, or being with family or friends and watching the sunset.

I always remember having pencils or markers out as a child and loved to draw animals. I took everything to another level when I went to college at UW-Stout and gravitated towards Art and Graphic Design. In my art classes, I shied away from painting and started to really enjoy drawing the human body. Then I got kind of bored with drawing on white paper, and got really addicted to drawing in reverse. Because of that, visually now, I tend to look at the light in images and not the dark.

Trying to capture the moment, and take it to another level is what I strive for. Even though I feel like it is difficult to express how you feel in a piece of art, it is usually never the same when you are looking at something, in comparison to being there in real life. In my spare time, I enjoy visiting new places, riding my motorcycle, and enjoying the outdoors. You can also find me on Facebook: Glowing Green Design. Thank you to anyone who can come to the show. I hope to see you there!

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