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Art Archive - 2015

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Show Dates: 2015-08-01 - 2015-08-31
Artist: Jessica Pankratz
Jessica M. Pankratz was born in Marshfield, WI in 1979 and currently lives and works in Madison, WI as an Artist, Family Therapist and Intuitive/Energy Healer. Jessica is a self-taught artist and her primary mediums tend to be a combination of watercolors, pen, colored pencils and/or oil pastels. Jessica started drawing and painting in 2011 and had her first art show at Bright Red Studios in Madison, WI in 2012.

Her creative expression started as a young teen in the area of poetry and evolved over time to an interest in the visual arts. The pull toward poetry began as a way to understand her rich emotional world and eventually expanded to include the complexities of relationships, people and the unknowns of the universe.

The turn toward visual art unfolded in direct correlation with unexpected health symptoms that resulted in a change in her ability to be as physically active as she had once been. Art allowed movement in a new way and became one of her greatest teachers on her journey back to better health. She learned the life lessons of working with what you have, trusting the process that unfolds in each moment, staying present and finding the immense beauty and wisdom in emotions.

As an intuitive/energy healer, she also includes “Source” in the process of creation, asks for guidance and follows intuition when creating each piece. Some of the main sources of inspiration for Jessica’s work are buddhist statues, flowers, elephants and other culturally diverse statues. Her work can be described as bold and vibrant, moving and spiritual.

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