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Show Dates: 2014-06-01 - 2014-06-30
Title: Basically Portraits
Artist: Jon Hain
Artist Statement:

Surprisingly, my elementary school had a darkroom. My mind was blown during a 6th grade pinhole camera unit. I wish I still had those photos!

Seems like I always had a camera of some sort growing up. Eventually a 35mm. I always loved doing portraits of friends and family and creative details.

At some point I became a co-owner of Mother Fool's Coffeehouse and Uvulittle Records and have shot thousands of photos for both businesses. I just really love the process - figuring out shots from an artistic and technical standpoint is really exhilarating. Those magic moments when a perfect picture emerges!

But I never really thought about becoming a photographer until sometime in 2013. The previous fall, Kim Fox, a musician friend from the early days of Mother Fool's visited Madison. Since the last time I had seen her she had become a wedding photographer (http://kimfoxphotography.com) and she had a job in Middleton. She encouraged me to get serious about photography. Towards this she gave me a Nikon D300 and signed me up for Digital 101 at UW Minicourses. Plus lots of advice!

Having a nice DSLR really re-invigorated my excitement about photos, especially portraits.

Thanks everyone who has ever let me shoot them!

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