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Show Dates: 2014-02-01 - 2014-02-28
Title: Inclined to Do So
Artist: Mollie Ginther
Mollie Ginther is a fifth year undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, specializing in painting and metalsmithing. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, Mollie learned early to respect a simple lifestyle, hard work and all that was provided to her.

Viewing nature as beauty and intelligence beyond our human understanding, she creates paintings to honor natural objects and animals in hopes of furthering her own knowledge through indulging in them, decoding them, and realizing the importance of each of them. To her, the paintings become a sort of reliquary for the object and the knowledge gained from the object. She breaks the subjects apart, sometimes brutally, in order to convey the lack of understanding and respect that most have towards these subjects, but yet honor and thank the subject for their lives and the roles they have played in her own life. Her paintings almost become a beautiful act of begging nature for forgiveness for the disrespect that has been inflicted over the years. She strives not to repulse viewers with her works, but rather instill a sense of admiration and comprehension towards the subject and the information it harbors.

More at: http://www.mollieginther.com

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