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Show Dates: 2013-06-01 - 2013-06-30
Title: The Art of June Flowers
Artist: Barbara Scharpf
Barbara is an impasto painter from Middleton, WI. Her paintings vary in size and are all painted/sculpted with acrylic paint onto wooden canvases, which her husband, Ben, crafts for her. Barbara is very inspired by the changing of the seasons, which is evident in her nature and floral themed works. Her paintings encompass aspects from all seasons: bouquets of spring flowers, fields of wildflowers and sunflowers, fall trees, and holiday-themed pieces.

-- Bio --

Barbara has painted since childhood, taken many fine arts classes, and studied with several accomplished artists. In addition to acrylic, impasto work, she also enjoys painting with oils and watercolors.

Barbara is the owner and founder of Creative Womanhood, a small business that exists to encourage and empower women to discover their own creative talents. It is her wish to offer a community for women to share in the therapeutic benefits of creative expression in their many, varied forms whether it is through the strokes of a brush, movement of dance, or sounds of music.

Besides being a painter and business owner, Barbara is a singer, dancer, and mother of three. She is also a tea fanatic, yoga enthusiast, and dog lover.

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