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Show Dates: 2012-08-01 - 2012-08-31
Title: Below the Earth - Above the Sky - Beneath the Skin
Artist: Mark Evans
Mark Evans is a native of the Chicago area but currently is delighted to call Madison, Wisconsin his home. Mark has a degree in Studio Art and Creative Writing from Loras College, is an avid cyclist, bicycle advocate and instructs teens in the delicate art of safe driving. He is also a board member and volunteer with Wheels for Winners. He loses many hours of sleep pursuing his visual art muse.

About the Gelatin Plate Mono Print Series:

"Below the Earth - Above the Sky - Beneath the Skin"

Gelatin plate printing, a monoprint technique, utilizes a firm, gelatin slab as the ink `plate.' Water soluble printing inks, stencils and hand marks are employed to create images. Because of the giving quality of the printing surface, very little pressure is required to transfer the ink onto the print. Images are lifted by simply burnishing the back of the paper with the hand. The process is spontaneous, unpredictable and surprising - the essence of monoprinting.

The “original” image is created by lifting the ink that surrounds the objects placed on the inked gelatin plate. A second print (the ‘Ghost’) is created by removing the objects and printing the ink that was concealed beneath them.

The layering and transparent quality of gelatin plate printing allows me to explore what I like to call the ‘archaeology of the image. By looking deeper into an image, we can see beneath the surface of the picture, discover mysterious remnants and nuances and gain insights - the way a fossil provides a glimpse into the past. This process - like the process of living - is where the inherent beauty of life and art exist. At its core, this beauty is not found in definition or meaning but within each one of us - in the moment of seeing and experiencing the life and beauty that surrounds us. If we open ourselves to seeing beyond defined meaning, we discover the beauty of mystery and the liberation of acceptance. I hope that I can provide some small moments of humor, emotion, surprise and beauty as you look into these intimate images

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