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Show Dates: 2011-08-01 - 2011-08-30
Title: Let Your Crooked Hands Be Holy
Artist: Daniel Fleming
I want my art to connect with people and for the viewer to connect back. While a piece of art may have a specific meaning to me, I feel that the true meaning of a piece comes from the viewer. Too much art today is based on the artist, completely disregarding the conversation between art and viewer, and, in my mind, destroying the meaning. If a person cannot feel what is coming through the piece, decipher the message or connect with the emotion, it is not the fault of the viewer, it is the fault of the artist for not successfully creating the desired effect. Our ideas of conceptuality in art have gotten in the way of the true meaning of art, to make for a better community between people. In my work I seek to bring art back to the public. To show that it is not just for the "High-society-art-world", but that it can be viewed, admired, loved, owned and understood by anyone and everyone. I want art to be something playful, something carefree; something that helps those around us without needing an hour long discussion or presentation. Something everyone can enjoy without worrying that they know too little, have too little, or have never taken an interest in before. Art is for the unity of people and I think it's about time we brought everyone back into the conversation.

Daniel Fleming grew up with art as a mainstay throughout his life. He has been drawing and painting since before anyone can remember, and took part in his first show in his freshmen year in high school. He attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a major in Communication Design and a concentration in Painting. Since graduating in May 2010, he has taken part in over 10 shows, 8 straight gallery nights and has sold countless works around the Midwest. He now resides in Milwaukee and works as a designer, photographer and illustrator for the Shepherd Express news weekly as well as various freelance clients. He writes daily for his art–based blog "marion" where he talks about life as an artist and critiques various art works and art shows around the city as well as popular culture. He is a member of the art collective "Gallery 218" and works feverishly, painting almost every night and constantly producing and showing new work at various galleries around the city.

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