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Show Dates: 2011-03-01 - 2011-03-31
Title: Random Acts of Artwork
Artist: Jessica Steffens
Jessica is a Wisconsin Native, born 30 minutes North of Green Bay. Coming from a strong influence of Crafters and Artists, her capabilities were present at a young age. She was self-taught until the pursuit of a BFA at Southern Oregon University. She removed herself form this program in an attempt to define her intuitive artistic interests. Both her long time self taught endeavors, as well as her experiences with art theories in University, brought her through a process which she clarifies in her present work.
My art is influenced by my world travels and spiritual interests. Living in over a half a dozen states, and visiting the equivalent amount of Countries I found more than enough inspiration to define my style. My process is derived through layers of paint and technique. Splattering a multitude of color, defining courageous line, and clarifying with detailed final touches all enhance my intentions. Utilizing influences from my Yoga and Meditation practice I am able to derive a volumized final project, where the audience can extrapolate on the presented image and recognize their inner inspiration.

My goal is to create a feeling of freedom within the viewer. The capability to perceive their own images by expanding on their inner creative inquiries.

Jessica has recently settled in Madison, and works as a substitute teacher.

To purchase artwork please contact Jessica at: 608.441.1564

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