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Show Dates: 2011-01-01 - 2011-01-31
Title: Depth of Human Being
Artist: Becky Lotto
Becky Lotto is a Madison resident who recently graduated from UW-Madison. She works as a research assistant at the Waisman center and also does private practice at a pediatric therapy center. She has always enjoyed art and became interested in drawing and painting at a very young age. When she was 5 and people asked her what she wanted to be she responded, "an artist." Over the years her responses changed as she thought artist was an unlikely career possibility, but it always remained at the back of her mind. During her college years she painted as a way to counteract the stress and anxiety produced during exam weeks. Upon graduating, she realized she had developed a collection of 'stress works' and decided to dedicate more time and energy to art. She has recently started doing collections and small exhibits and has started a website: beckylottoart.com. She enjoys portrait drawing and painting abstract works and landscapes.

Description of the works to be on display:
I have always been inspired to draw people in their natural states. It is in these natural states that I can visualize the true personality of that individual and their profound emotional elements. I have found that charcoal provides a medium which helps make these elements come to life. This collection of charcoal pastels is an exhibit of individuals in their natural states. It is my desire that through these works of art, the viewer will be able to empathize with the individuals current state of being and comprehend how the strategic use of color and form contributes to that being.

There will be a reception for this show on Sunday, January 16 from 5 -7 pm.

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