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Show Dates: 2010-04-01 - 2010-04-30
Title: Shadow Hunter
Artist: Cybergabi
From age 11 onwards I have been fascinated by the act of taking photos: I was repeatedly caught snatching my grandmother's old 35mm camera and assorted rolls of film. She finally got fed up with running out of film all the time and gave me a pocket camera for my 13th birthday.

I am a collector at heart, but also a traveler and nomad who constantly feels the need to reduce clutter in her life. As magic as film and its processing have always been to me, nowadays' digital photography for me is a means to collect moments without the burden of piling up stuff.

I always carry a camera with me. My photos are rarely arranged or staged. My desire is to capture the moment or the object as they present themselves to me. Seeing an opportunity, a fleeting movement, a certain light on someone's face, a reflection or a shadow being cast, being quick enough to capture it before it's gone, and marveling at the result - all of that makes me flow. Shadows have a special fascination for me. They can accompany their objects or stand for themselves. They can duplicate their objects or reveal that certain extra amount of information which is hidden when looking at an image of an object from only one angle. At the same time they can also hide detail and remain mysterious when standing on their own. But most of all, to quote the British pop artist and photographer David Hockney, "I noticed these shadows and I knew it meant it was sunny."

There will be an opening reception for this show from 5 -7 pm on Sunday, April 4.

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