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Art Archive - 2009

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Show Dates: 2009-03-01 - 2009-03-31
Artist: Heather Johnson

I grew up as a creative child, always making things to play with and coloring with crayons. I took many art classes in school. After my school years were over I attended a college in northern Wisconsin. In college I spent my time only taking art classes and had a blast.

The time came when I felt I was in debt enough (student loans) and decided to move back home and start working to make money. Shortly after, I met my future husband and began to make a life with him. We have moved around the state so my husband could further his education (still attending), finally bringing me to Madison. I continued to work a full time job to make ends meet. As the years went by, I realized I wasn't working on my art anymore...working in the “real world” was making me too busy and exhausted to be creative. The ideas were there, just not the time or the energy. Deep down I feel that I am meant to be an artist. At the end of 2007 I decided to chuck it all in (the working, not the marriage) and focus solely on my artwork. Now there's no full time job to get in the way.

These days my artwork is mostly painting with acrylics. I enjoy working with all types of mediums; all kinds of paints, wood, and plaster. I also enjoy assembling artworks out of materials I have collected. There is something about experimenting with different materials (old denim, used dryer sheets, used computer discs) that I like. Trying to incorporate household waste into art instead of adding it to the trash. At this time I have very limited work space available to me so I try to stick to small projects and use mediums that are quick to dry.

In 2008 I developed my website, opened a shop for my “recycled” pieces on Etsy.com (Heather Johnson Art), and have my works up at a couple shops/galleries around the state.

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