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Art Archive - 2008

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Show Dates: 2008-06-01 - 2008-06-30
Title: Tennis fACEs
Artist: Bernie Tennis
Like many people I loved to draw and paint as a child and, also like many people, I dropped this activity sometime in my teen years when other interests arose. After taking a degree in an unrelated (technical) field I discovered that my work did not provide me with a great deal of satisfaction, so I set about (re)discovering myself as an artist. I enrolled in university adult education courses and drew and painted constantly. Though I would draw anything, my favorite subjects were people. Gradually I built up a business around this interest. I draw patrons at art fairs and events of all types, either contracted by the event sponsor or charging subjects individually. I also I also do work on commission from private sittings or photos.

When working from life I use Caran d'Ache painting crayons and lithographic crayons, which produce charcoal effects in black and white and pastel painting effects in color, but are permanent when applied. This is important when working quickly to prevent smearing of the drawing.

My most serious work is done in watercolor. I love the immediacy and vibrancy of the medium and the way colors can interact without compromising their individuality. But watercolor is not very forgiving if you lose your way in the course of a painting. I often compare the process of painting a watercolor to owning a cat: you can control it to a certain degree but you're mostly better off letting it do whatever it wants.

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