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Art Archive - 2006

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Show Dates: 2006-10-01 - 2006-10-31
Artist: Michael Coats
About the Artist

As a photographer I've evolved with a definate geurrilla aestetic, I'm a believer in compelling close quarter with my subject, be it animal vegetable or mineral. As a rule I rely on spontenaity and rarely do i ever compose an image or pose a subject, preferring to capture a moment in time as it develops in its natural state of evolution.

In terms of my future as a photographer and image maker my eye and perspective at present have turned towards photography for film making and I'm currently learning and experimenting in that vein.

While my most creative and transformative period came during time spent livng in Tempe Arizona while attending school for audio engineering, I was born and raised in Madison WI, where I currently reside and am still actively following my creative persuits, these being areas in which I've had some success and areas where i continue to evolve; Music, photography, writing and film making. My long term intention is to relocate back to the west coast within a year and a half where I plan to persue a more fullfilling carreer in the film and music industries.

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