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Art Archive - 2006

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Show Dates: 2006-07-01 - 2006-07-28
Title: Your Sex for Both Our Amusement: Sharing is Caring
Artist: Chris Talbot
Chris Talbot was born to a family not overtly excited by art or artistic creations in 1982. As a senior in high school, she rebelled against her family and "guidance counselor" and decided to take a year with hour upon hour of art classes. She liked it so much she decided that she would become a starving artist.

Wanting nothing to do with the redundantlymediocre craftsmanship that littered her family home, Chris prefers to cut deep with her art – showing life as she sees it with no holds barred.

Her photography pieces in this show include her series of lesbian lovers copulating (an intimate portrait of her ex-lover and the new lover), her series of nude portraits of a stranger, her series of a man with scabies (with the distinct message of "we wear our diseases with pride"), and her collages depicting times when sex is violence.

While she may not know why she feels this way about sex in the new millennium, Chris believes that sex has become another joke at the old chopping block; a conversational piece for the locker room rather than the intimate act that "our parents" thought it to be. Her art adequately portrays this with the specific examples from her life's story.

All photos are negotiably for sale. For more examples of her work, you can check out her website.
Contact her via email.

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