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Show Dates: 2005-10-01 - 2005-10-31
Title: MAPPAR - the animal sanctuary
Artist: Midwest Animal and Potbellied Pig Association and Rescue
The Midwest Animal and Potbellied Pig Association & Rescue (MAPPAR) is a non-profit domestic and farm animal sanctuary, animal shelter dedicated to the well being of all animals, and ending the suffering of all animals. Since MAPPAR began in 1996, we have devoted our resources and time to all help animals.

MAPPAR is a non-profit animal rescue association, which provides sanctuary, food, shelter, and vet care, and necessary provisions to unwanted, abused, and abandoned animals. Since the beginning, MAPPAR has re-homed, and rescued a variety of animals.

MAPPAR currently provides sanctuary for ponies, potbellied pigs, sheep, farm pigs, feral (and many semi-and non-feral) cats, dogs, and other animals. Our focus is to re-home and place animals when strictly screened and suitable homes can be obtained. We also promote the following programs and agendas:

  • Humane (Animal & Human) Educational Programs for Youth Programs and Retreats
  • Spaying and neutering to help end the homeless animal epidemic
  • Compassion for all animals through educational programs
  • Helping people keep their existing pets by suggesting behavior modification, education programs and aiding with zoning issues

Last year MAPPAR helped more than 300 animals, and over 1600 humans with financial and educational assistance. We accomplished this entirely by donations and volunteers. This year we plan to triple the number of animals we help and provide low-cost altering, increase vet, animal care provisions, and improve living conditions. We need your help in making this possible.

Those who visit MAPPAR will be touched by all the rescued farm and domestic animals at the sanctuary. It is the hope of all of us, and especially the hope of the animals to teach people that there "prime rib" or veal ravioli could have once looked at them with their big brown eyes, and licked the food out of their own child's hands at a farm sanctuary such as ours.

So, if you know someone that loves dogs (and steak), bring them to our shelter. MAPPAR also acts in conjunction with other animal groups, people, and organizations when MAPPAR's philosophy and ethics are upheld.

Have you or your group ever spent the day on the farm? Located on a 10 acre farm in Pardeeville, WI, MAPPAR is always welcoming visitors, when volunteers are available as tour guides.

Email us at info@mappar.org to arrange for a tour for your group to view the beautiful surroundings and take the time to make a new friend. MAPPAR is always in need of volunteers whether it is taking care of animals or construction on new animal quarters.

Our fun and educational tours give you a rare opportunity to make friends with farm animals, cats, and other sanctuary critters. MAPPAR rescues, rehabilitates and provides forever care for all of its' animal residents every year, for those animals which are not readily able to adopt-out. The animals are given all the care and love needed to recover from a lifetime of abuse and neglect.

The farm animals of MAPPAR are a reminder that they too are just as susceptible of suffering from isolation, fear, and neglect as all animals - be it a pig, cow, dog, cat, or you and I.

What is "No-Kill" (or more simply put – "life-long care") Shelter/Sanctuary?

"No-Kill" means that animals are not destroyed for convenience purposes.

A qualified veterinarian humanely euthanizes animals when it has been determined by qualified individuals that an animals suffering is unrecoverable, and no reasonable alternative exists.

Reasonable alternatives to euthanasia is providing qualified foster parents who are equipped in dealing with any behavior issue, medical issue, and are equipped with dealing with the special needs of the particular animal. Animals are NOT material processions and are NOT ours to be disposed of when they are of no amusement to us any longer.

Spaying and Neutering, next to improper (or lack of) training and improper pre-education (on the human’s part) of the particular animals’ needs are the largest reasons for surrendering an animal, for which there happens to be a reasonable alternatives to needless euthanasia as a means of controlling the unwanted pet population.

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