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Art Archive - 2005

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Show Dates: 2005-05-01 - 2005-05-31
Title: J. Pinc Ain't Sellin' Sh*t
Artist: Jeremy Pinc
Artist Biography
Jeremy Pinc, who is also know as "that guy over there in the blue jeans," grew up in the suburbs of Chicago during the Disco Era. At a young age he began eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and/or cereal on a regular basis. This trend continued throughout his kindergarten years. Following in the wake of trailblazers ahead Pinc decided to attend elementary school where he learned "the alphabet." This triumph carried him into the further reaches of High School and even College. After graduating from some University in the South with a degree in B.S. Pinc quickly earned a reputation for himself in the artworld as "a nobody." He maintains that title to this day.

About the Motherfools Show
"For the Motherfools show I knew I had to do something special, I mean something great ya' know? So I just said screw the brushes, I'm gonna use my hair. And oil paint is hard to get out of your hair. The meaning of this particular group of paintings is really meaningful to me. I mean, for real. And I want to thank everyone at Motherfools for keeping the coffee trade strong. I drink up to 45 cups of coffee a day and this number is quicly rising thanks to Motherfools great coffee. I love coffee. Usually I leave a cup of coffee next to my bed when I am sleeping so that when I get restless at night I have something to calm me down a little. People say my breath stinks but its worth it for that great coffee taste and I savor the coffee breath I have as something unique."

There will be a reception for this show on Sunday, May 15 from 7 - 9 pm. Chip Cruz will play some quiet guitar music and you can meet the artist.

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