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Art Archive - 2005

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Show Dates: 2005-04-01 - 2005-04-30
Title: For The Love Of Paint
Artist: Catherine Forde-Quint
Catherine Forde's life revolves around creative thinking. She has lived a life centered on the arts since her childhood. Her education was achieved at the UW-Madison with a BS in Art Education; Oil Painting as her focus. Continuing her work at the University she worked towards her MFA in Watercolor.

Catherine has taught art in three different public school systems: Madison, WI, Chicago, IL., and Mount Horeb, WI. Each experience has added to her belief that creative arts are essential for a balanced and interesting life. Teaching our children the value of seeing life from all angles is necessary for them to cope with the stresses of society both during their childhood and adulthood.

Catherine has raised three very creative children while producing her own art work. She has exhibited extensively in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. Her work has hung in the Milwaukee Art Center Rental Gallery and has been purchased by businesses and private patrons alike. She has a web site that sells her original art work along with prints and other art work of hers and fellow artists. The site also offers artistic "finds" both old and new and a line for kids and "adult kids".....* A percentage of sales from the web site and all of her exhibits goes to the non-profit organization: Urban Arts Academy, "The Place" found at the Atwood Community Center, Madison, WI.

The future holds new and exciting mixed media pieces and exhibits this summer in Wisconsin and Iowa. Catherine believes in "affordable" but fine art for all to enjoy...she welcomes you to view her artwork during the month of April at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse.

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