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Art Archive - 2005

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Show Dates: 2005-02-01 - 2005-02-28
Title: Girls, Cars and Guitars
Artist: Theo Schwartz
"This show is a collection of several different series of work. The Playboy Series is based on photographs from Playboy magazines from the late sixties and early seventies. When I first found these magazines I was blown away by the huge difference between the types of images shown of women then as opposed to now. The digital altering of these photographs simplifies and accentuates the stylist differences of this period. I have also included small paintings/collages that use these photographs directly with very little digital altering. This is part of a fetishistic series of work revolving around girls, cars and guitars. I am also including a series of landscape paintings influenced largely by minimalist painters such as Mark Rothko. The common thread running through all of the work in this show is my appreciation of the beauty of all of the subject matter in my daily life."

Theo Schwartz studied painting at NYU with renowned artists including Maureen Gallace and Steve Ellis. In 2000 she moved to Madison and opened the Fine Line Art Gallery, which she ran for two years before returning to New York to continue her education. Theo currently works at The Madison Children's Museum as part of the community outreach program.

There will be a reception for this show on Sunday, February 6 from 7 - 9 pm. Free and open to the public.

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