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Art Archive - 2004

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Show Dates: 2004-10-01 - 2004-10-31
Title: Black Beans and Rice
Artist: Robert Anderson
My name is Robert Allan Anderson. I have lived in Middleton for about 13 years, but I was born and raised in Key West, Florida. I am a 54 year old Cuban American currently attending the UW with a double major in social welfare and art. I am the father of four grown children and I enjoy cooking.

Describing my painting is always a little difficult. It has been described as folk art, but there is also an abstract quality to my paintings. Most of my work is about Key West and its native residents, who are referred to as "Conchs," in the years between 1950 and 1975. It focuses on the poor Latino community of which my family was a part. I was brought up primarily by my Cuban grandparents. My work is related to the things I experienced in my youth and the eccentrics and friends that were a part of my life. Key West is a vastly different place today than my childhood paradise. Through my paintings, I strive to remember the feelings, people, and places that I once knew. My role as an artist is sometimes as a record keeper, and the purpose of my work is to keep alive the memories that would otherwise have been forgotten with the passage of time. Most of my paintings are done with water-based enamel on masonite and thin masonite-type panels, with a few on canvas. I favor a full palette of bright colors and sometimes use water-based oils.

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