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Art Archive - 2002

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Show Dates: 2002-08-01 - 2002-09-01
Title: Douglas Yu :: Works in Charcoal
Artist: Douglas Yu

August, 2002ABOUT THE ARTIST Hello, my name is Douglas Yu. I was born and raised in the city of Madison. My name comes from the fact that my Father is Korean and my Mother is Caucasian. My parents, being highly educated and culturally sophisticated, have been very supportive of my artistic endeavors. I recently returned to Madison, after living in New Orleans for several years, to be closer to my family and to finish my studies at the University. I hope that you enjoy the work.
I believe the work you see began merely as an exercise in charcoal. The subject matter, though, started me in another direction. I like to call the subjects' "natural detritus". They are shells, pebbles, empty seedpods, etc. that one would find walking down the street or in the Arboretum. As I examined the objects I soon discovered how visually interesting they really were. I decided to draw them at a much larger scale than they truly are to encourage the viewer to look at them for their visual characteristics. For the same reason I didn't include other elements to distract the viewer. This being said, I do enjoy the patterns created by my hand as it moved across the background (that was initially prepared by rubbing willow charcoal into the paper). I feel that this effect is subtle enough not to distract. The naming of the work is another attempt at distancing the images from the mundane reality of the objects themselves. The names reflect personal aspects of my life including an early interest in the classical eras of Greece and Rome and my great admiration for the works of Georgia O'Keefe. Being a rather uptight person, I enjoyed a measure of inner peace in the creation of these works and I hope that, in viewing them, you do too. I also hope that these works change your perspective on the beautiful little bits of Mother Nature that we all pass by in our daily lives.
If you would like to contact me, call (608)213-9598.

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