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Art Archive - 2002

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Show Dates: 2002-01-01 - 2002-02-01
Title: Going Within
Artist: Ann Wilson
Reception Monday Jan 7 7-9 P.M
There is an ever present force inside that drives me. A force that in the past few months has been causing me to think to feel and to worry. I'll admit it, I have been feeling quite powerless lately, quite scared, quite unsure, and quite confused as to why the world is the way that it is. I am sure that I am not alone in this.
Although this force inside causes me to go around in circles, it also continually keeps encouraging me to step away from these feelings of uncertainty. It keeps asking me to find the courage to go within, to create, to allow myself time to make art, to set aside that which I cannot control and to work through the emotions that I can control. This voice keeps assuring me that it is not selfish to be an artist, that it is not unworthy to allow myself time to connect with emotions that I am just beginning to understand fully. Emotions that are the key to opening a door to something beautiful. A voice which asks me daily to find the source, and to drink from it.
A source which we all, as human beings are perhaps not letting ourselves fully feel. Feelings that are hidden right underneath, just waiting for us to finally embrace. Feelings that are the key to something deeper, something that we perhaps cannot explain with words alone.
Feelings that are felt and expressed in dreams, in laughter, in tears and in art. And so I offer to you, pieces of my soul. Pieces of art that I have created. Some are from two weeks ago, some a few years. Although they may not look as though they are of a specific or structure theme, the fact that they were all created by me is focus enough.

On the edge
of something
balancing on the thoughts
where old memories have faded
into now

and still
what stays the same
stays the same
the way war still happens
the way
what's right underneath
the words we don't quite say
what's right underneath
and within
the wind, the water

remain hidden
because of something within
we haven't quite found
or if we have found it
we don't listen

I enjoy using many different types of media to express myself. Each emotion tends to have a different artistic material that it lends itself to. For example, I find that in order to capture a moment of the natural world or a facial expression of a friend, that photography works best. When I am frustrated or unable to express myself clearly or to be understood the way I would like to, I usually end up painting with oils or acrylics. On the other hand, I have found that oil paints also work for me when I want to paint a landscape or a family member. Scratchboard, is a media which tends to be like a form of meditation. When I do scratchboard, I find that I just let my hands take over and let my voice quiet. Sometimes I enjoy what is made and sometimes I change it.
The natural world is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. It holds so many answers to my questions and so many questions that I may never understand. I truly believe that as human beings we are all connected. Just as the seasons change, so do we as human beings have the ability to transform. We all feel, we all dream, we a ll bleed. In a world so confusing, I ask that we all open our hearts to love, to unity, to truth, and to deep rooted communication, understanding and peace.

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