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Art Archive - 2001

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Show Dates: 2001-02-01 - 2001-03-01
Title: The WIlly St. Project
Artist: ArtPeace
ArtPeace -- the Willy St. Project

a multi-venue, multi-artist show in response to the events of September 11th, and America's 'War on Terror'
A free reception will be held at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse on Sunday, February 10. 7-10 pm with DJ Milhouse.
Sybil Augustine
Ali Beyer
Mark Fasanella
Ky Flynn
Brad Harkins
Stephanie Hawley
Jolene Hollen
Julie Koenke
Adam Michelman
Derek O'Brien
Bodin Sterba
Annie Wilson
Ehron Zech Audio; Performance Art; Photography
Mixed Media
Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media
Drawing & Painting
Drawing & Painting
Mixed Media
Drawing & Painting
Drawing & Painting; Writing
Audio; Drawing & Painting
Drawing & Painting; Performance Art
Drawing & Painting; Photography; Writing
painting & drawing Venues
The Social Justice Center
Ground Zero Coffeehouse
Mother Fool's Coffeehouse
ArtPeace Mission Statement
ArtPeace is a group which uses art as a form of social activism. We are using art as a vehicle for positive social change. Visual art, audio and performance art, and writing are all represented. ArtPeace works to educate and to create dialogue. Although this type of art can cause controversy the intent of ArtPeace is not to shock just for the sake of shocking. ArtPeace is fluid. Members will meet once or twice a month to work on art as a group, and on upcoming exhibits and events. People may participate to different degrees, but follow through is expected. There will be opportunities to exhibit, and to learn how to organize. Everyone is encouraged to think of things for ArtPeace to do in the community. Be creative!
Artist Statement
This art is social activism. ArtPeace is a loosely organized group of artists who feel that art which reflects on and critiques society is important. The events of September 11, 2001 and America's subsequent 'War On Terror' have confronted America with unpleasant realities. The art in this exhibition is in response to these and other related world events. It is an artist's job to examine these complex issues. The artists in this exhibit have been actively engaged in educating themselves, and this exhibit is an extension of that education. We make this art to personally process these events. Our intent in exhibiting this work is to bring awareness, and to create positive dialogue. Art can help facilitate that process. America should reexamine it's foreign policy and wage this 'War On Terrorism' by cutting our own militaristic ties to documented terrorist organizations (such as the School of the Americas and in Afghanistan - the Northern Alliance). America has no right to hold others to standards that we, ourselves do not meet. ArtPeace is concerned that our country's 'solution' to the violence of terrorism has been to answer with additional violence. The military operation 'Enduring Freedom' has already taken a great toll on the already battered civilian population of Afghanistan. This is unnecessary and inexcusable. Here in America people have been questioned and detained at an alarming rate, and the erosion of our civil liberties continues. These images depict what happens to human beings during a time of crisis. Some of the imagery in this show is difficult, but our intent is one of empathy and, ultimately, of hope.
As artists we appreciate living and working in Madison where intelligent dialogue about complex issues is tolerated.

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