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Art Archive - 2001

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Show Dates: 2001-10-01 - 2001-11-01
Title: untitled
Artist: Jennifer Price
Jennifer Price's current research deals with the production of large-scale black and white photographs of Subculture Performance Art. This selection of work contains portraiture images taken from portions of thoses performances. She thus, collaborates within particular subcultures to understand their socially and culturally isolated differences from that of mainstream America. This opportunity to observe and record is one of the major driving forces behind her research. These performances and resulting photographs are more than a mere curiosity, they are the study of an accustomed way of life familiar to that particular subculture. This documentation is important not only in understanding people's emotions and behaviors but how they in turn affect the viewer's own presumptions and interpretation. This research will continue with other groups that transcend cultural, economical, and social genres.
Jennifer uniquely hand processes each large-scale silver gelatin print. The end result is an imposing "larger than life" image that consumes the viewer's perspective both physically and emotionally.
Jennifer currently resides in Madison, WI and exhibits throughout Wisconsin, Chicago, IL and Omaha, NE. She is a UW-Madison graduate student studying photography. If you are interested in a photo shoot or reproduction please email or call.
e-mail Jennifer Price or telephone at 608.850.6049

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