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Art Archive - 2001

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Show Dates: 2001-07-01 - 2001-08-01
Title: untitled
Artist: Ann Monroe
Ann Monroe has lived in Madison since 1996. She took art classes in high school and college in Chicago, winning a couple of awards along the way. Her early paintings were primarily in watercolor, and she often drew with charcoal. After leaving college, she went on a few adventures, such as moving to Dallas and getting several temp jobs, before starting to paint frequently in 1995. In 1998, she narrowed her focus to abstract painting, in acrylic and mixed media. Abstract painting is her favorite style because of the aspect of pure creation. She isn't trying to copy something she sees; she is making images that are entirely her own.
Ann's paintings are full of bold color and energy, sometimes incorporating other materials such as paper, bottlecaps, washers, sand, and any other easy-to-glue materials she can get her hands on. She strives to use her materials in innovative ways. A longtime science fiction fan, her inspiration often comes from science fiction ideas, as well as images of outer space. She has worked on canvases as small as 3" x 5" and as large as 48" x 48". Her selection of paintings is outgrowing her studio space. She daydreams about being able to work on gigantic canvases all the time!
2001 has been a very busy year for Ann. Her first child was born in March, two weeks late, and Ann has been trying to catch up ever since. She has participated in two group shows in previous years, but this one at Mother Fools is her first solo show. Her inspiration to do this show so soon after having a baby came from observing the success of her good friend, Nicole Reinbold, who was Mother Fools' April Artist. Ann looks forward to continuing to work and exhibit her paintings.

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