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Art Archive - 2001

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Show Dates: 2001-01-01 - 2001-02-01
Title: untitled
Artist: Elliot Stokes
Elliot Stokes, the artist, is a lifetime gardener and a thirteen year market gardener in Wisconsin. The limited edition prints created by Elliot include plants grown, maintained or wild harvested by him.
The prints use common food plants, houseplants, bedding plants or weeds in random arrangements to create colorful prints from the beauties of nature. Prints include using fruit, leaves or whole plants. Unlike the perfect pictures of seed catalogs, Elliot's prints show the variety of difference, color and even imperfection. The prints utilize culinary and medicial herbs, a colorful medley of mustard greens, fall leaves, zinnias and mixed flowers, roadside weeds, flowering cacti... The prints are made on a Canon color copier as paper copies or appliques.
During the decade and a half that Elliot has grown food and plants commercially as a landless sharecroping peasant in America, he has often dreamt of a way to facilitate the transformation of his own garden operation into farm agriculture. For most farmers the debilitating startup costs associated with transitional and organic certified production systems are daunting. In order to enter rural farm life a farmer must either sell him or herself to the bank or have a huge bundle of cash to startup, and then hope for the best. To counter this trend, Elliot started Moon's Shadow Designs, a Wisconsin Non Profit, which plans to assist Wisconsin farmers making the transition to organic farming.
All proceeds from the sale of these beautiful prints will be used in preserving and developing organic farms and facilitate startup costs associated with organic land purchases, organic certification costs and organic/transitional production startup costs.
Wooden frames are made by cabinetmaker Tom Foley from recycled wood collected on Madison streets.

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