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Show Dates: 2015-05-01 - 2015-06-30
Title: Imps in the May Apples
Artist: Lola Hoon
Masks keep a part of you hidden, private, and mysterious. Sometimes the most beautiful things in our world are hiding just out of sight, much as the coy little May apple blossoms underneath its canopy of leaves. The mystery is alluring.

Masks can tell the world who or what you truly are or would like to be: beautiful, deathly, exotic. Perhaps you'd like to be a mischievous little imp this Spring hiding in the shifting shadows of unfurling leaves.

Bio: Lola Hoon is an artist and a maker. She'll make something to solve that problem you didn't bother to think you had... like a caddy for sorting Mason jar lids or a cape for your cat. Everything must be beautiful, practical, and capable of telling a story. And whoa, the stories she can tell about sorting Mason jar lids!

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