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Show Dates: 2014-10-01 - 2014-10-31
Title: Freedom
Artist: Adeline Peck
Artist Statement: My series entitled Freedom comes from a crevice in my brain inspired by 1990ís pop culture as well as the multi-faceted persona of Women. I have always been inspired by bold Women and as I grow older I see that with every brazen statement or emotion, there is a reverse or relaxed expression that is just as important. In my photos I try to explore those sides we as Women experience. Confidence, vulnerability, sexuality and genuineness.

The title Freedom comes from not only the freeness I want my subjects to feel, but from the 1990 music video Freedom by George Michael. Always inspired by the Amazonian super power models, I wanted to feel like that. I want my photos to evoke freeness and confidence for whatever emotion is exposed.

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