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Show Dates: 2013-10-01 - 2013-10-31
Title: abstract movement
Artist: Sarah Bottjen
Artist statement:
I like painting with acrylics, partially because I love fat brush strokes on canvas. The other reason is how quickly the paint dries - you have to commit to an idea & whatever you feel like doing in the moment. Using found objects, like table tops, is a way for me to get unusual canvas shapes & a surface area that plays really well with the paint.


This series, for me, is looking to capture the feelings I have while traveling - in big cities, on country roads that lead to a seemingly desolate town - taking in the sharp angles of big buildings and the elegance of a landscape at night. Cars driving on the highway are reduced to fast-moving blurs of red and gold. The series is also is a essay in how I feel my life has been lately - moving so fast that everything is a blur. I get to use painting as an escape from that, and yet to also take it all in, those feelings of anxiety, which is how this series came to be. It's a mind dump, of all my emotions, onto the canvas.

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