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Show Dates: 2011-11-01 - 2011-11-30
Title: Protest Art
Artist: Tom Detwyler
Artist Statement:

In about 1952, at age 13, I bought an old Exakta II camera. Since then, using various equipment, I have captured many thousands of photos, on five continents. I began making pictures to reveal our natural world, and as I studied science my focus shifted to human effects on environment. I was a pioneer in environmental science, authoring Man's Impact on Environment (McGraw-Hill) in 1971.

Photos and other visuals were invaluable in my teaching physical geography and environmental science over a 35 year period at three universities.

During the past decade my picture-making has evolved further, first into aesthetic dimensions, and lately into photography and collage intended to provoke thought about vital environmental and political challenges.

The survival of humanity depends on reforming our environmental and political attitudes and actions, and "art for change"—PROTEST ART—can aid necessary transitions. (For my scientific analyses of what is wrong and what we need to do, see www.detwyler.net.)

Today's endless bombardment of commercial images tends to deaden one's brain to visual impressions. The best protest art uses both design and content to startle the viewer, to jar thinking. And ultimately to provoke action.

All art is subjective, for both the artist and the recipient—relying on one’s personal feelings or opinions. My protest art expresses my feelings and opinions. For you, the same picture may stimulate very different emotions or opinions, based on your past experience and values.

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