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Show Dates: 2010-01-01 - 2010-01-31
Title: Women in the room studio
Artist: JP Grace
Growing up in NYC, JP was exposed to the arts as a way of life, and coming from a family of artists, it was probably inevitable that she'd pursue that path in some way herself. JP spent many years as a professional artist in a solo design studio, later moving to a working "shop" in which she created art, in myriad forms, for its own sake. Searching for a medium that would be "it," JP more recently picked up a digital camera. As she viewed her work later on the computer screen, she knew she'd found her niche.

JP's goals with photography do not include social commentary or hidden meanings. The bottom line is the sense that "making pictures is fun!" If there is a deep underlying purpose, it is to help others see the beauty that's in the details... What is, perhaps, overlooked in our busy, even hectic, everyday lives.

What may make JP a little different in the field of digital art photography is her commitment to limit her photo editing work to what could be done in a darkroom with film; mostly exposure and contrast. while being open to experimentation in the future, digitally altering the photos to create another form of art is not part of her current repertoire.

Learn more at Women in the room's website.

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