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Show Dates: 2007-07-01 - 2007-07-31
Title: Tingatinga
Artist: Sea View Sculpture Arts Centre
Sea View Sculpture Centre:

Sea View Sculpture Centre is an artist’s co-operative in
Bagamoyo, Tanzania. The group began a few years ago by a group of homeless and street boys that graduated together from the Bagamoyo Sculpture School. There they earned a degree in carving, sculpture, painting, and casting. They then decided to begin their own school for other homeless and street boys at no cost. The group currently has 12 students and is looking to create an after school program for young children in the community, beginning in August.

"Tingatinga" is the Tanzanian term for a unique form of east African art. From a purely technical standpoint, Tingatinga art can be defined as painting on masonite or canvas using bicycle paint. The heart of Tingatinga art is centered on coastal east African design, where the decorative vines and patterns of the Swahili culture cover delineated spaces that are never allowed to remain completely empty.

For individual artist bio's visit www.seaviewsculpture.com.

After School Program Information:

To teach primary school aged children the arts and to let them think creatively. As of now, there are no female artists in Bagamoyo and the after school program is focused on empowering young girls in the community through the arts.

Beginning in August, Sea View will facilitate a play at the end of each school semester in which the children work with the Sea View to make their own costumes, learn new dances, create new music, design the set, and have fun. The program will meet several times a week in which the children will prepare for the play and also learn life skills like HIV/AIDS and drug and alcohol education. Sea View Sculpture Centre NEEDS YOUR HELP! The breadth of the program is dependent on supplies and we need your help collecting supplies for the after school program. Sea View will teach practical artist skills of carving, sculpture, painting as well as dance and music. Sea View will also teach life skills through drama and role play.

For more information on the Sea View Sculpture
Centre, supply drive or after school program visit
or contact Caroline at ceackley@gmail.com


  • Learning Materials
  • Books are a great resource for this community!
  • Art books (how to books, art history, etc.)
  • English learning books
  • Children ’ s books
  • Text books
  • Dry erase board and markers (small enough to put in a suit case, large enough to teach on)
  • Color wheel

Drawing & Painting
  • markers (preferred Mr. Sketch or artist quality )
  • colored pencils
  • drawing pencils
  • charcoal pencils
  • pens
  • charcoal
  • chalk
  • pastels
  • permanent markers – variety of sizes
  • calligraphy (with “How to” book)

  • brushes – all sizes and types
  • acrylic paints
  • watercolor paints
  • paint pallets – prefer pallets with
  • covers
  • paint thinner
  • tool set and nails for mounting
  • snap frames for display and preparing canvases (at Michael’s Craft Stores)
  • staple gun and staples
  • Paper
  • drawing pads
  • watercolor paper
  • loose paper ( ex: computer paper )
  • construction paper
  • tracing paper

  • sand paper
  • wood glue
  • sculpture tools
  • sponges
  • clay – air dry only

  • storage boxes / utility bins –large and small ( pencil boxes, storage for paints, papers, etc.)
  • reseal-able bags and containers ( for beads, paints )
  • portfolio pads

  • yarn
  • knitting needles
  • crochet needles

  • seed beads, plastic beads,
  • glass beads, etc.
  • needles
  • wire
  • beading string / fishing wire
  • clasps for beading

  • kids art kits
  • pens
  • markers
  • foam
  • felt
  • feathers
  • masks
  • exact-o knife
  • glue –all varieties
  • scissors – children’s, regular
  • tape – all varieties

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