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Art in the Cafe

This month's show is
"Syria from the Heart: Photos from 2005"
by Julie S. Majerus

The last time I was in Syria - visiting as a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, and a tourist - was in March, 2005. While there, I took photographs to share Syria as I knew it, not as it had been depicted on American television all of my life. Taken in and around the cities of Aleppo and Damascus, these photographs show culture and daily life as they existed before the current civil war. Many years later, the images still share Syria as it was and always will be in my heart: a place of family, beauty, joy, and peace.

To read more of my writing or to contact me, please visit livingmother.wordpress.com


Next month's art show will be
"It Is Not, It Has Never Been, Nor It Will Ever Be Conceptual"
by Skinny Gaviar

Hello. I'm an artist, I'm not proud of it. There's way too many of us. This is not good.

I can't draw well and I don't care about visual art all that much. Honestly.

The images you see are a result of intense digital manipulation. They were once photographs. They are not anymore.

I don't know what meaning this art might carry. It just pleases my eye and scratches my compulsive itch.

"Far more than visual puns, his graphic displays are very much a commentary on the angles and angst of an entire generation, a glyphic language for expressing the rich complexity of youth..." - GUTFIRE!

"His digitally fabricated images are strangely romantic and unapologetically raw." - Style No Chaser

"Skinny considers killing to be his art, and to that end he has murdered hordes of homeless, often using their dismembered bodies as models for his twisted Photoshop creations..." - Verbicide

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