1101 Williamson St.  Madison, WI
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Art in the Cafe

This month's show is
"Modern & Contemporary"
by NoMas Santini

Artist Statement: I have participated in art shows and print fairs spanning from Houston, TX to Philadelphia, PA.

Based on my personal narratives about how I perceive society, the ideas and symbols I have worked out in these creative explorations are then realized in the form of woodblock prints.

New forms of communication and the internet are important motifs for my work because they prompt a nostalgia for pre-surveillance, pre-internet life, and document the ever-growing and dominating digital and mechanical world.

Passive consumption of images through new media devices has disrupted active engagement with physical works such as prints; as a visual artist, this idea is terrifying and worth exploring.


Next month's art show has not been confirmed yet. Please check back soon for more info!
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