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Event Archive - 2003

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Nov 28, 2003David Rogers w/ SpotDavid Rogers - Singer/songwriter from Iowa City, IA who combines the intimacy of folk with acoustic pop dynamics.

"David's music floats in the window, tender & strong as his heart, calling you to come on out, to listen. I'm telling you, he's a good one!" - Greg Brown, Red House Records

"There is a diamond in his throat." - Stuart Davis, Post Apocalyptic Records

"...the man makes some very interesting but very hard to describe music. Certainly worth a listen for the musically adventurous." - Dirty Linen

"...Spot can really play his ass off." - Mike Watt

"...(it all) makes sense, in an acid-folk, progressive-bluegrass, front porch fingerpicking kind of way." - Metrotimes, Detroit, MI
Dec 5, 2003Ticklepenny Corner w/ Amelia RoykoIntelligent, funny, excellently played, clever... This Milwaukee band combines violin, banjo, harmonica, ap steel and a great, understated rhythm section to create some of the most emotionally effective music around today.

The two lead vocalists, Noah Riemer and Beth Spransy, have equally engaging voices - Riemer's for its smiling quality and Spransy for its unshakable melancholy.

Drawing from memories of her life, Amelia writes folk and rock songs that push at the edges. Royko's performances are captivating as she moves naturally between self-restraint and full-out release. She delivers nothing less than pure honesty and soul, precision and passion.
Dec 12, 2003The FrogsThe Frogs are a Milwaukee cult-rock band. The shows are unpredictable but always entertaining.
Dec 6, 2003Open Mic w/ Ben ReiserSign-up starts at 7 pm and the show starts at 8. Poets, musicians, comics and the like are all welcome.
Jan 10, 2003Ryan Meisel Quartet
Jan 17, 2003Nob Hill Boys
Jan 18, 2003Nob Hill Boys
Jan 24, 2003Piccolissimo
Jan 25, 2003Dorothy Scott
Jan 31, 2003Open Mic w/ host Kate Morrissey
Feb 1, 2003Yid Vicious
Feb 7, 2003AJ Love Tribe
Feb 8, 2003Strong Voices
Feb 12, 2003Mad Poets Revolt! -- Poetry against the war
Feb 14, 2003Rachel McCartney w/ Annavox
Feb 15, 2003Westwind
Feb 21, 2003Pascal with Wendy Bugatti
Feb 22, 2003Hal Rammel presents Bowed Instruments for All Ages
Feb 28, 2003Open Mic w/ host Joey Zarda
Mar 1, 2003Hugh G. Gogh - CD Release Party!! w/ special guest, Amy Curl
Mar 7, 2003Biff & Bucky
Mar 8, 2003Rory Merritt Stitt
Mar 13, 2003High School Student Poetry Reading
Mar 14, 2003Rose Polenzani w/ Christine Costanzo
Mar 15, 2003Andy Ewen and Tani Diakite
Mar 21, 2003Jonathan Zarov and Friends
Mar 22, 2003Harmonious Wail w/ Shauna Wells
Mar 28, 2003Open Mic w/ Kate Morrissey
Mar 29, 2003DoctoR BonobO
Apr 4, 2003Stuart Davis w/ Katie Todd
Apr 5, 2003Kim Fox w/ Stephanie Rearick
Apr 11, 2003Al Rose w/ Amelia Royko
Apr 12, 2003James Travis w/ Heather Abney
Apr 18, 2003Pascal, Wendy Bugatti, and Gaddis
Apr 19, 2003Jorrit Dijkstra w/ Scott Fields
Apr 20, 2003Vortex presents "TV Turn-off Kickoff Event" with: Jon Arnold, Jorrit Dijkstra, Endless, Stephanie Rearick, Nils Bultmann, JoAnn Powers and Space Shower Civic.
Apr 21, 2003"The War on Terror, Indonesia and East Timor" -- discussion and slide show.
Apr 22, 2003Scrabble Tournament with host Martin Alvarado
Apr 23, 2003Shirt making with Mother Fool's Heidi Nelson
Apr 24, 2003ablecain
Apr 24, 2003Deadly Power: a hydro-power discussion
Apr 24, 2003Eugene Chadbourne
Apr 25, 2003Open Mic and Variety Show starring Jon Hain
May 2, 2003Ten Sleeps Trio
May 3, 2003J. A. Granelli and Mr. Lucky
May 9, 2003Honor Among Thieves String Trio
May 10, 2003Ritt Deitz - CD Release!!
May 16, 2003Dan Vaillancourt w/ Erich Specht
May 17, 2003Marianne Flemming w/ Sara Pace
May 23, 2003JoAnn Powers Trio
May 24, 2003Closing art reception for Theron Caldwell Ris
May 30, 2003Open Mic w/ Ben Reiser
May 31, 2003No River City w/ Dave Olson and Andy Brawner
Jun 6, 2003Diana Darby w/ Dorothy Scott
Jun 7, 2003The Theramones
Jun 8, 2003Art reception for Ravi Hirekatur
Jun 13, 2003No Room To Pogo
Jun 14, 2003Subvocal w/ Brian Daly
Jun 20, 2003Stephanie Rearick w/ Endless. CD Release Party!!
Jun 21, 2003Twang Bang
Jun 27, 2003Open Mic w. Stephen Lee Rich
Jun 28, 2003Rowland Stebbins w/ David Chastain
Jul 4, 2003Piccolissimo
Jul 5, 2003Grandpa's .38
Jul 11, 2003Nob Hill Boys
Jul 12, 2003VORTEX Features: Tom Lachmund d.b.pedersen Tom Hamer Endless The Pageboys
Jul 18, 2003John Hasbrouck
Jul 19, 2003The A.J. Love Quartet w. Hanah Jon Taylor
Jul 25, 2003LITO and Sam Miller
Jul 26, 2003Amelia Royko w/ Sara Pace
Dec 19, 2003Fuzzy LogicIn 1995 Biff Blumfumgagne, Tom Hamer, and R. Virgil Ellis formed Fuzzy Logic as a small-scale performance group to exploit Biff and Tom's arcane and uncanny musical resources, in relation to performance poetry and also to explore fuzzy thinking in art.

Biff brings violin, therolin, electric mandolin and other devices that may not end with "lin". Tom plays the drumset, MIDI electronics, tuned gongs, various toys and inventions. R. Virgil (Ron) Ellis performs his poetry into a microphone.

Ron has long been interested in the relationship, or lack thereof, between science and Buddhism. The idea for a performance group called Fuzzy Logic comes from reading Bart Kosko's book, Fuzzy Thinking: the New Science of Fuzzy Logic. He has written The Tenting Cantos, a series of 100 poems which explore mental states and meditation. Tom and Ron are currently producing an archive of performances of all 100 Cantos culled from studio and live recordings with Dangerous Odds, The Chamber Rock Ensemble, Fuzzy Logic and including new studio work.
Dec 20, 2003Sam Shaber w/ Marianne FlemmingFolk-Influenced Pop is how Sam Shaber describes her music. Her soulful vocals, strong guitar playing, and rich but unfussy songs really grab your ear and make an impression.

Marianne Flemming divides her time between Madison and Florida. Her shows are high-energy affairs that always get the house a'rockin' with her fun blues-ey acoustic rock.
Nov 22, 2003Graham Lindsey and Arron Scholz
Nov 21, 2003Celica CD Release w/ Amelia Royko and Kreg Viesselman
Nov 15, 2003Tin Ceiling w/ Christine Costanzo
Nov 14, 2003No Earth Trio w/ JoAnne Pow!ers, Lyx Ish and Jennifer Pendur
Nov 13, 2003Stuart Davis
Nov 8, 2003The Theramones
Nov 7, 2003Tuehy Connell
Aug 8, 2003Eyes to Space
Aug 9, 2003Stuart Davis
Aug 16, 2003Jeremy Kittel and John Behling
Aug 15, 2003Yid Vicious
Aug 22, 2003Kellie Lin Knott w/ Amy Curl
Aug 23, 2003The Frogs
Aug 25, 2003Kids Open Mic
Aug 26, 2003Adam Brodsky
Aug 29, 2003M of Signal to Noise w/ Endless
Aug 30, 2003Respect Sextet
Sep 5, 2003 Wendy Bugatti w/ Molly Thomas
Sep 6, 2003Welcome back Greg Taylor
Sep 8, 2003Nile - Art Reception
Sep 12, 2003Naked Blue w/ Amelia Royko
Sep 13, 2003No River City w/ Castle Oldchair
Sep 19, 2003Ritt Dietz w/ Sara Pace
Sep 20, 2003Nicole Gruter and Well Baby present "Content: the decay of passion", a performance piece.
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