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Event Archive - 2002

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Jan 4, 2002Mark Sheehy
Jan 5, 2002Andy Ewen and Stephanie Rearick
Jan 12, 2002The SILVER measure
Jan 18, 2002Nob Hill Boys
Jan 19, 2002Mark Shanahan (of The Avalons) w. Eric Geving
Jan 25, 2002Open Mic w. host, David Chastain
Jan 26, 2002Carol Genetti, Jerome Bryerton, and Damon Smith
Feb 1, 2002Yid Vicious
Feb 2, 2002Anthony Faris
Feb 8, 2002Apartment w. MiLkBabY pRimitiVe
Feb 9, 2002Pablo
Feb 10, 2002Reception for ArtPeace
Feb 15, 2002A.J. Love featuring Hanah Jon Taylor
Feb 16, 2002The Hugh Durning Group w. Kellie Lin Knott
Feb 22, 2002Open Mic w. host Ben Reiser
Feb 23, 2002Marlee Macleod
Mar 1, 2002Andy Ewen, Nils Bultmann and Noah Onsrud
Mar 2, 2002Ritt Deitz
Mar 8, 2002Lesser Birds of Paradise w. Jarred Grabb
Mar 9, 2002Allette Brooks
Mar 15, 2002Nob Hill Boys
Mar 16, 2002Julie Scharm and Whiskey Sunday w. Al Rose
Mar 17, 2002Larry Giles Memorial Poetry Celebration
Mar 22, 2002Stuart Davis w. Stephanie Rearick
Mar 23, 2002Thea Ennen
Mar 29, 2002Open mic w. Stephen Lee Rich
Mar 30, 2002WORT's In One End presents... Zonk, DP Pedersen, and Craig Microcassette System
Apr 5, 2002Pistol Pete & Popgun Paul
May 6, 2002Yid Vicious
May 12, 2002Joel Paterson w. John Hasbrouck
May 13, 2002An Evening With Penumbra Music
May 19, 2002Ken Waldman
May 20, 2002Tomato Box
May 26, 2002All night open mic with hosts Stephanie Rearick, Jenny Hanson and Ivan.
May 27, 2002Mean Larry w. Diana Darby
May 28, 2002Benefit Earth Day To May Day Coalition featuring Jim Schwall w. Shauna Wells
Apr 21, 2002WORT DJs present, "Kick-off"
Apr 22, 2002Sewing Machine Comforter Bee
Apr 22, 2002Scrabble Tournament with Martin Alvarado and Brian Ferritt
Apr 23, 2002Madison Area Peace Coaltion
Apr 23, 2002Creative Writing Marathon
Apr 23, 2002Mother Fool's shirt making party
Apr 24, 2002Fair Trade Presentation by Alterra Coffee
Apr 24, 2002Backgammon Tournament
Apr 25, 2002The Malignancy of Capitalism: What's currency issue got to do with it?
Apr 25, 2002Kids afterschool Storytelling and Open Mic
Apr 25, 2002Life on The West Bank
May 3, 2002Montankus
May 4, 2002Raccoons w. Bosco & Jorge
May 5, 2002Kristi Minahan - Art reception
May 10, 2002Bill Passalacquaw. Karen Mal
May 11, 2002Cam Waters
May 17, 2002Andy Ewen and Wendy Schneider
May 18, 2002Katy Tessman with Dave Stanoch w. Meisha Herron
May 24, 2002Margot Wagner
May 31, 2002Open Mic w. host David Chastain
Jun 1, 2002Dangerous Odds
Jun 2, 2002Judy Gorman
Jun 7, 2002Vernon Tonges w. Twang Bang
Jun 8, 2002Stuart Davis
Jun 14, 2002The Hellhounds
Jun 15, 2002Rose Polenzani w. Kristen Ronne
Jun 21, 2002The Frogs
Jun 22, 2002Marlee MacLeod Band
Jun 28, 2002Open Mic w. Stephen Lee Rich
Jun 29, 2002Benefit for the Liberation Radio Project Featuring: * Metrocide vs. JoAnne Pow!ers * Craig Microcassette System * D.B. Pedersen * Organon * Mansfield Deathtrap Re-recordings with Metrocide: * The JoAnne Pow!ers/D.B. Pedersen/DJ Endless Trio
Jul 5, 2002MiLkBabY pRimitiVe
Jul 6, 2002Grandpa's .38
Jul 12, 2002Ten Sleeps Trio
Jul 13, 2002The Avalons w. Matt Hendricks
Jul 19, 2002Miche Fambro
Jul 20, 2002Ivan Okay, The Altered Statesman
Jul 26, 2002Open Mic w. host Molly Mendota
Jul 27, 2002Wabash Jug Band
Aug 2, 2002Montankus
Aug 3, 2002Al Rose w. Ben Reiser
Aug 9, 2002Piccolisimo
Aug 10, 2002Joel Patersen w. Kristin Ronne
Aug 11, 2002The Autonomadic Sideshow & Bookmobile
Aug 16, 2002Victoria Davitt w. Kellie Lin Knott
Aug 17, 2002David Chastain
Aug 23, 2002Gwen Mitchell and Jaia Suri
Aug 24, 2002Greg Taylor and Friends going away party Hal Rammel, The Pageboys, Tom Hamer, Scott Fields, and DB Pedersen.
Aug 30, 2002Open Mic with host Amy Curl
Aug 31, 2002Catfish Stevenson w. John Hasbrouck
Sep 6, 2002Ticklepenny Corner w. Gabriel Reed
Sep 7, 2002Westwind
Sep 13, 2002Ritt Deitz, Steve Burke and Turner Collins w/ opener, Mark Sheehy w/ Eddie Torrez
Sep 14, 2002MiLkBabY tWinZ
Sep 20, 2002M.P.E. Band
Sep 21, 2002Yid Vicious w. Dybbuk Schmybbuk
Sep 27, 2002Open Mic with host Bowen Marvik
Sep 28, 2002SubVocal
Oct 4, 2002A.J. Love Tribe
Oct 5, 2002Hugh Durning Acoustic Trio w. Felix McTeigue and Amy Speace
Oct 11, 2002Piccolissimo
Oct 12, 2002Andy Ewen and Doug DeRosa
Oct 18, 2002Adam Brodsky w. Jonathan Zarov
Oct 19, 2002Ivan Okay
Nov 23, 2002Andrew D'Angelo Quartet
Nov 29, 2002Open Mic with Stephen Lee Rich
Nov 1, 2002Wendy Schneider and Joel Paterson
Nov 2, 2002Jim James & The Damn Shames
Nov 8, 2002Amelia Royko w/ Brian Daly
Nov 9, 2002Allette Brooks w. Alessandra Maria
Nov 9, 2002Art Reception -- Nicole Olthafer
Nov 15, 2002JoAnne Pow!ers
Nov 16, 2002John Kruth w/ Swamp Thing
Nov 22, 2002Margot Wagner
Nov 30, 2002John Wills
Dec 6, 2002Al Rose with Katie Todd
Dec 7, 2002Marlee MacLeod
Dec 13, 2002Pascal
Dec 14, 2002Free Range Pickin
Dec 15, 2002Art Reception for Eliza Smit
Dec 20, 2002Stuart Davis
Dec 21, 2002Fuzzy Logic w/ DB Pedersen
Dec 27, 2002Open Mic with Ben Reiser
Dec 28, 2002The Frogs
Dec 29, 2002The Avalons w. Chad Anderson - Benefit Concert
Jun 15, 2002The Madtown Poetry Open MicThe Madtown Poetry Open Mic, hosted by Ron Czerwien at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse, welcomes all forms of poetry. Each month a featured reader is showcased for 15-20 minutes, followed by the open mic. Readers in the open mic are invited to read their original work for up to five minutes. Sign up starts at 7:00pm and the event begins at 8:00pm.

For over ten years Ron hosted poetry readings as well as an open mic at Avol's Bookstore in Madison. His poems have appeared both on-line and in print journals. His manuscript, "The Office of Uncomfortable Admissions," received an honorable mention in the Concrete Wolf Chapbook Contest. Ron serves on the board of The Council for Wisconsin Writers, and sells used and out-of-print books on-line under the name Avol's Books LLC. If you have questions about the open mic, call Ron at 608-255-4730, or email him at avols@chorus.net.
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