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Event Archive - 1999

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Jan 2, 1999Ed Anders Group
Jan 8, 1999Kweku Ananse & the Sweet Vibrations
Jan 9, 1999Marlee McLeod w/ Amy Brooks
Jan 15, 1999Ben Riser w/ Ritt Dietz
Jan 16, 1999Andy Ewen & Frankie Lee
Jan 22, 1999Holy Moses
Jan 23, 1999Andrew Holm w/ Stephen Lee Rich
Jan 29, 1999Open Mic w/ Charlie Cheney
Jan 30, 1999Mary Waitrovich, Jim and Terri Smith (of Grand Chien Cajun Band), John Fabke and others.
Feb 5, 1999Kweku Ananse & the Sweet Vibrations
Feb 6, 1999Yid Vicious
Feb 12, 1999Todd Cambio and Friends
Feb 13, 1999Far From Home
Feb 19, 1999Colin O'Brien
Feb 20, 1999Adrain vs MOM
Feb 21, 1999Art show reception"Vision Feminina: Mujeres Mayas de Chiapas"(Feminine Vision: Mayan Women of Chiapas)
Feb 26, 1999Open Mic. w/ host NoahJohn
Feb 27, 1999The Roddys
Mar 5, 1999"operators & things"Wyman Brantley and Jon Arnold
Mar 6, 1999Nob Hill Boys
Mar 12, 1999Ritt Dietz w/ Ivan Klipstein
Mar 13, 1999Marlee McLeod w/ Ben Reise
Mar 19, 1999Yammer
Mar 20, 1999John Walker w/ Stephen Lee Rich
Mar 26, 1999Open mic w/ host Stephanie Rearick
Mar 27, 1999Andy Ewen & Stephanie Rearick
Apr 2, 1999MMC presents...Wyman Brantley & Jon Arnold
Apr 3, 1999The Malones
Apr 9, 1999Jack The Dog
Apr 10, 1999Eric Bohne
Apr 16, 1999Kweku Ananse & The Sweet Vibrations
Apr 17, 1999Jyway w/ Gouda
Apr 30, 1999Open mic w/ host Charlie Cheney
May 1, 1999Roger Manning
May 7, 1999MMC presents... Dangerous Odds: Diedre Buckley, Biff Blumfumgangne, Tom Hamer, & R. Virgil Ellis
May 8, 1999Ivan Klipstein w/ NoahJohn
May 9, 1999The Rounders featuring Jerry Wicentowski
May 14, 1999Joy Eden Harrison
May 15, 1999Far From Home
May 21, 1999Jim TaylorJim Taylor will kick off his campaign for United States President.
May 22, 1999 Lisa Hunter
May 28, 1999open mic w/ host Joey Zarda
May 29, 1999Ben Reiser w/ Stephen Lee Rich
Jun 4, 1999MMC presents... Matt Turner and Hal Rammel
Jun 5, 1999Yid Vicious
Jun 11, 1999Ed Anders Group
Jun 12, 1999Extasis (formerly Orquesta Atipica)
Jun 13, 1999John McNeill
Jun 18, 1999Nob Hill Boys
Jun 19, 1999Ritt Dietz and Turner Collins w/ Smoked Fish
Jun 25, 1999open mic w/ Stephen Lee Rich, the yodelling cowboy
Jun 26, 1999Les Lokey
Jul 2, 1999Madison Music Collective presents... Operators & Things
Jul 3, 1999Rose Polenzani w/ Brittany Safranek
Jul 9, 1999The Quickies
Jul 10, 1999X-Ray Threat
Jul 16, 1999Maggi, Pierce, and EJ
Jul 17, 1999Evan Hause, Sven Hermann, & Jeff Kowalkowski
Jul 23, 1999Andy Ewen and Franke Lee
Jul 24, 1999The Correspondence Quartet
Jul 30, 1999Open mic
Jul 31, 19994 Shillings Short
Aug 6, 1999MMC presents... Cappuccino Blue
Aug 7, 1999Elizabeth Schaefer
Aug 13, 1999Marianne Flemming and Ben Reiser
Aug 14, 1999Anthony Faris
Aug 20, 1999Stephanie Rearick w/ Rose Blade
Aug 21, 1999Chris Powers w/ Stephen Lee Rich
Aug 27, 1999Open mic w/ host Joey Zarda
Aug 28, 1999Peter Connover
Sep 3, 1999Madison Music Collective presents... Tomato Box
Sep 4, 1999Peter Keane
Sep 10, 1999Thea Ennen w/ Lisa Kane
Sep 17, 1999Rose Polenzani w/ Chris Parsley
Sep 18, 1999Ritt Dietz with Joe Meisel, Steve Burke, and Turner Collins
Sep 24, 1999open mic w/ host Stephanie 'SRO' Rearick
Sep 25, 1999Nob Hill Boys
Oct 1, 1999Madison Music Collective presents... ZONK
Oct 2, 1999MiLkBabY
Oct 8, 1999Twang City
Oct 9, 19996 Sexy Divas
Oct 15, 1999Americay
Oct 16, 1999Andy and Noah Ewen
Oct 22, 1999Ripley Caine w/ Ben Reiser
Oct 23, 1999Yid Vicious
Oct 29, 1999Open Mic w/ host David Chastain
Oct 30, 1999Tomato Box with special guest Geoff Brady on Marimba.
Nov 6, 1999Michael Wengler Trio
Nov 12, 1999Far From Home
Nov 12, 1999Green Lime Dog
Nov 19, 1999Ritt Dietz with Joe Meisel, Steve Burke, and Turner Collins
Nov 20, 1999Doll
Nov 26, 1999Open mic w/ host Stephanie Rearick
Nov 27, 1999Ben Reiser w/ Eric Hester
Dec 3, 1999Madison Music Collective presents... Barbaric Yawps
Dec 4, 1999Marriane Flemming w/ Victoria Davitt
Dec 10, 1999MiLkBabY
Dec 11, 1999Ed Anders Quartet
Dec 17, 1999Stepahnie Rearick w/ Marlee MacLeod
Dec 18, 1999Yid Vicious
Dec 25, 1999Open Mic w/ host Stephen Lee Rich
Apr 22, 1999TV Turnoff Kickoff!Sign TV-Off pledge cards and help eat a tv shaped cake.
Apr 22, 1999Live remote broadcast from WORT 89.9fmfeaturing Gregg Williard, Bad Sister Heidi and Reverend Velveteen.
Apr 23, 1999Variety Show w/ Jon and Stephanie.Jon Hain and Stephanie Rearick will host this special show. Guests will include: Bill Malone (of WORT's Back to the Country), Carl Johns (of Speakeasy Records), Dawn Howes (of Mother Fools), Marcia Weisman (storyteller),
Ross Johnston (Mother Fool's April artist), and others. Check out all what these neighbor folks are up to.
Apr 23, 1999All Night Open Mic
Apr 24, 1999Kids StuffKids Stuff w/ Ebby Melahn, Lowell School teacher. Puppetmaking, storytelling, etc. Who needs Saturday morning cartoons?
Apr 24, 1999Independent Film Night w/ Brian Standing
Apr 25, 1999Radio Creation w. Kelly Warren of Minds Radio
Apr 25, 1999Songwriting Workshop w/ Anne FeeneyAnne Feeney will present a workshp for aspiring songwriters. She is the winner of the "Kerrville New Folk" Competition for Emerging Songwriters -1989 (other winners include Nancy Griffith, Lyle Lovett, Buddy Mondlock.)
Apr 25, 1999Ross Johnston
Apr 25, 1999Anne Feeney
Apr 25, 1999Adrian vs. MomAll night dj show. Chill and mellow till the break of dawn.
Apr 26, 1999WYOU - "create your own media" workshop
Apr 27, 1999Stan Shellabarger and Dutes MillerThey will sit in a bed at Mother Fool's folding 10,00 white paper cranes - a traditional engagement present in several Eastern countries. This performance is a time based endurance piece..

9 am - 9 pm.
Apr 28, 1999STOP THE WAR letter writing party.We will listen to a "Making Contact" radio program about the war in Yugoslavia and then write letters to relevant officials.
Jun 6, 1999Jerry Danziger and Tim McKege
Jun 13, 1999Doll
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