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Event Archive - 1998

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Jan 17, 1998Yid Vicious
Jan 18, 1998Elody Samuelson - Poetry reading
Jan 23, 1998Farmer vs. The Vultures
Jan 24, 1998Lil' Rev
Jan 30, 1998open mic
Jan 31, 1998Jim Schwall
Feb 6, 1998Doug Brown and Marilyn Fisher
Feb 7, 1998Far From Home
Feb 13, 1998Kim Fox w. Stephanie Rearick
Feb 14, 1998Farmer
Feb 20, 1998Michael Lee Ammons w/ Pat Kennedy
Feb 21, 1998Verb!
Feb 27, 1998open mic w/ Dean Welch
Feb 28, 1998Andy Ewen & Doug DeRosa
Mar 6, 1998Jason Roebke and Cosmic Imperative
Mar 7, 1998Yid Vicious
Mar 13, 1998Solomon Grundy's
Mar 14, 1998Beady Process w/ A Sleepin' Bee
Mar 20, 1998Empirical Mirage w/ Dynamic Duo
Mar 21, 1998Jack The Dog w/ Debby Penberthy
Mar 27, 1998Open Mic
Mar 28, 1998The Jeyds w/ Dean Welch
Apr 3, 1998Joan Wildman's Improv Class and guest Lynnette
Apr 4, 1998Yammer w/ Neptuna
Apr 10, 1998Dawn McCarthy, Andy Ewen, Jeff Whitehead
Apr 11, 1998Les Lokey & The Whole Damn Band
Apr 17, 1998Great Atomic Power
Apr 18, 1998Vernon Tonges w/ Mike Starling
Apr 24, 1998Alex Caplan
Apr 25, 1998Your Mom Sextet w/ Marianne Flemming
May 1, 1998MMC presents... Audiotrope
May 2, 1998Cam Waters
May 2, 1998Brenda Weiler w/ Vicki Guzman
May 9, 1998Maestro Subgum & The Whole w/ Elizabeth Schaefer
May 15, 1998NoahJohn w/ Laurent Soucie
May 16, 1998Kim Fox
May 22, 1998Lil' Rev
May 23, 1998Blue Herons
May 29, 1998Open Mic
May 30, 1998Andy Ewen & Ivan Klipstein
Jun 5, 1998MMC... Jack The Dog
Jun 6, 1998Mary Dolan w/ Ellen Rosner
Jun 12, 1998The Quickies w/ K-Limited
Jun 15, 1998Anthony Faris
Jun 15, 1998Guillermo Anderson
Jun 19, 1998Far From Home
Jun 20, 1998Green Lime Dog
Jun 26, 1998Open Mic w/host, NoahJohn
Jun 27, 1998Michael Lee Ammons w/ Colin O'Brien
Jul 3, 1998Danny Weiss Quintet
Jul 4, 1998Miss Hollie - Mother Fool's first dj show
Jul 8, 1998Pascal
Jul 10, 1998Stephanie Rearick w/ Marcia WeismanMarcia is a storyteller and Stephanie plays piano. They will perform separately and together.
Jul 11, 1998Hanah Jon Taylor
Jul 18, 1998Toxic Balance
Jul 24, 1998Rayzor w/ Kelly Clute
Jul 25, 1998Yid Vicious w/ Peter Roller
Jul 31, 1998Open mic w/ Alex Caplan
Aug 1, 1998Alex Caplan w/ A Perez
Aug 7, 1998MMC presents... Al Jewer and Ron Ellis
Aug 8, 1998Dave Fischoff w/ NoahJohn
Aug 14, 1998Adria Smith
Aug 15, 1998Barb Cheron and Sally DeBroux
Aug 15, 1998Barb Cheron and Sally DeBroux
Aug 20, 1998Swamp Thing
Aug 21, 1998Far From Home
Aug 22, 1998Ivan Klipstein and Friends
Aug 28, 1998Open Mic w/ Amy Brooks
Aug 29, 1998Ellen Rosner
Sep 4, 1998Madison Music Collective presents Doug Brown and Marilyn Fisher
Sep 5, 1998Kweku Anase and the Sweet Vibrations
Sep 11, 1998Larry Jones Ensemble - "Yo, Bukowski!"
Sep 12, 1998Sz√°szka
Sep 18, 1998Joel Patterson
Sep 19, 1998Fabric Indicators
Sep 20, 1998Constance Tenhawks
Sep 25, 1998open mic w/ Stephanie Rearick
Sep 26, 1998Vernon Tonges
Oct 2, 1998Madison Music Collective... Nick Wood and Joy Dragland
Oct 3, 1998Andy Ewen and Frankie Lee
Oct 8, 1998The Tiger Lillies
Oct 9, 1998Green Lime Dog
Oct 10, 1998Brenda Weiler w/ Joni Laurence
Oct 15, 1998Roger Manning
Oct 16, 1998Immigrant Suns
Oct 17, 1998Deborah Bartley w/ Mary Waitrovich
Oct 23, 1998Marianne Flemming
Oct 23, 1998Open Mic w/ Charlie Cheney
Nov 6, 1998Madison Music Collective presents... Tara Ayres and Barb Cheron.
Nov 7, 1998Yid Vicious
Nov 13, 1998Reptile Palace Orchestra
Nov 14, 1998Cam Waters
Dec 4, 1998Michael Wengler Trio
Dec 5, 1998Nob Hill Boys
Dec 11, 1998The Roddys
Dec 12, 1998Stephanie Rearick w/ NoahJohn
Dec 13, 1998Fran Zell & Richard Roe - poetry reading
Dec 18, 1998Colin O'Brien
Dec 19, 1998Adrian vs. MOM
Dec 25, 1998Christmas Open Mic w/ host Charlie Cheney
Apr 22, 1998Prime TimePrime Time An original performance by Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger, made up of 6 half-hour "programs" interspersed with commercial breaks.
Apr 23, 1998One Thousand TelevisionsA performance by Kirsten Simonsen (the "Babes" collection.)
Apr 24, 1998All-Night Open StageAll-Night Open Stage with hosts Alex Caplan (partI) and Blunt Rapture (part II) Sign-up starts at 7.
Apr 25, 1998Bouncing Basswood Beings PuppetshowEric Hagstrom's Bouncing Basswood Beings. Bring the kids down for Eric's fantastic puppet show instead of Saturday morning cartoons.
Apr 25, 1998Basic ASL WorkshopBasic ASL Workshop. Learn the basics of American Sign Language with Mother Fool's own Dawn Howes.
Apr 25, 1998Your Mom Sextet w/ Marianne FlemmingYour Mom Sextet w/ Marianne Flemming.
A stripped-down version of Your Mom SRO plays eclectic keyboard-based rock. Marianne visits from Florida for this special rockin' solo show
Apr 26, 1998Confessions and AbsolutionsConfessions and Absolutions with the Rev. Velveteen and the Psychoacoustics Preachers.
Apr 26, 1998Storytelling by Marcia Weisman
Apr 26, 1998Game Night!Game Night you like; play with friends or strangers. Winners get free treats.
Apr 27, 1998Origami WorkshopOrigami Workshop w/ Dutes Miller
Apr 27, 1998Songwriting Workshop (for guitar)Songwriting Workshop (for guitar) w/ Mary Waitrovich
Apr 27, 1998Songwriting Workshop (on Casio keyboard)Songwriting Workshop (on Casio keyboard) w/ Blunt Rapture
Apr 28, 1998Art LectureJoseph Connelly will lead a discussion of conceptual art.
Apr 22, 1998TV LibraryJohn Neff presents TV Library for the entire week.
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